Women in Millwork: Meet Hui

“After retiring from the Navy, I wanted to become a staff accountant at a logistics company. That’s exactly what I’m doing now.”
– Hui Lee, Staff Accountant for Woodgrain Distribution

Women in Millwork: Meet Liz

“One must be a strong individual with confidence working in the industry.”
– Liz Mallaney, HR Manager for Woodgrain’s Window Division

Women in Millwork: Meet Holly

“I find it can be challenging at times to prove yourself and earn respect as a woman.”  
– Holly Mercer, Inside Sales Manager at Windsor Windows

Women in Millwork: Meet Karen

“My daily goal and also for the HR team at Windsor is to make a positive impact on at least one person—hopefully more—every single day.”
-Karen Clontz, Human Resource Manager Windsor Windows & Doors

Women in Millwork: Meet Jeri

“I take great pride in my job and get self-satisfaction from achieving goals and doing my job to the best of my ability.”
-Jeri Pressley, Casement Department Manager Windsor Windows & Doors

Women in Millwork: Meet Tracy

“If a woman would like to be a part of the challenges and successes, she should pursue this career.”
-Tracy Honstein, Inside Customer Service Representative at Woodgrain Doors

Women in MIllwork: Meet Jessica Anderson

“There is never a dull moment being in the HR department of a manufacturing industry.”
-Jessica Anderson, Human Resources Representative for Woodgrain Doors

Women in Millwork: Meet Connie

“Always keep your “moral compass” when faced with difficult situations or decisions. Work hard and stay positive.”
-Connie Moylan, Woodgrain’s Chief Information Officer (CIO)