Woodgrain Power Tools offers real-time door configuration and real-time pricing. The industry’s best way to get instant pricing on all of the thousands of door options we make. The software requires updates every once in a while to ensure we are staying up with the latest in technology. Below is the process to install for the first time.

Step 1: Installation of PTQ

Click the following link to access to download and follow the steps indicated below.

  1. Click the above link
  2. Click on the orange button “Download All”
  3. You may need to click “Run” or “Allow”
  4. Click install

*PowerTools icon is now on your desktop

Step 2: Time to Log in!

  1. Retrieve Username/password from administrator
  2. Initial login will be a one time lengthy download
  3. Login expires at 120 days of inactivity
  4. Login information is case sensitive

*Allow the application to update fully
*Once it opens you are ready to go!