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I originally was going to paint the door white, but it was to beautiful to do it. It looks great, lets in a lot of light, yet still maintains privacy. 

-Shelly, Washington

I was impressed by the fact that this was primed “real” wood baseboards. The price was excellent and they look great in my mother’s house. There were a few nicks and such in the wood usually near the top, but nothing that a little caulking couldn’t fix.

-Kat, Rhode Island

pre-coated white closet rod looked great in our white closet. seems sturdy and will hold up for a long time. great look and feel.  

-Jeffery, New York

I had this door installed by a professional, so I can’t vouch for this, though the installer didn’t appear or state any issues. The door itself is stunning, elegant and I now have the best-looking curb appeal in my whole neighborhood. It was more than I budgeted for, but so worth it! 

-Karen, Wisconsin

Product was packaged well and arrived in great condition. Boards are straight and have very few defects, as you would hope. Totally satisfied. 

-Dan, Colorado

Excellent quality, great price. Fully satisfied. 

-Armando, Kansas

This trim looks amazing and you can’t beat the value. I am always wary buying materials online without seeing it in person but decided to trust the reviews– I’m glad I did! All we did was paint the baseboards with a single coat of white paint and we were ready to install. It’s worth waiting two weeks to have it shipped to your home. It looks fabulous in our little fixer upper!  

-Randy, Oregon

I love my mouldings, super high quailty and a huge range of profiles to choose from.

-Luke, Oregon

Great moulding for the price. All of mine arrived undamaged, but could use a little cushion on the ends at the very least. It is only primed so for clean-ability, I recommend a simple indoor wall paint. Looks great and did all the newly carpeted areas

-Jambo, Florida

This baseboard moulding was perfect for my house. Because it’s wood, it was easy to work with… paint, cut, nail, touch up. Its simple but looks good.

-Debbie, CA

This product was exactly the quality and dimensions we were looking for. As a matter of fact it was better than what was generally displayed at the store and when I ordered it online it was a different number than what I could find in the store. I do have experience with these type of products so I knew what I expected and I was more than satisfied when we installed the trim.

-Paul, Liberty township, OH

My best work experience by far! I love working here and all of the people are awesome at what they do!

-Jonathan Hane

I really enjoyed working with the people at Woodgrain! Its my favorite part of my day!

-Joe, Nevada

Woodgrain is an incredible Company, I love working with them and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to get in the business.

-Charles B