About Timberland & Peak Heating Pellets

Our heating pellets are environmentally friendly and cost-effective products to heat your home or business. All products are created from the sawdust produced in the manufacturing process of our millwork products. 99.9% of the wood we process through our mills or manufacturing facilities is utilized in some shape or form. Timberland and Peak Heating Pellets are made in the USA, in both Fruitland, Idaho and Lenoir, North Carolina.


Our pellets are engineered to produce low ash for less clean up.

High Heat Output – Our top of the line heating pellets have a heat output of 8,400+ BTU.

The most environmentally friendly way of heating. All of the wood fiber in our pellets comes from wood we process through our mills or manufacturing facilities, making it a 100% reclaimed by-product.

All of our products are made in one of our manufacturing facilities in the USA.

What are wood pellets?

Wood pellets are a densified biomass fuel. Biomass is anything made from living things – in this case wood fiber. Heat and pressure are applied to wood fibers to create the pellets, making them dense for their size.

Do the heating pellets expire?

No! As long as they are kept dry and at a cool temperature, our heating pellets will never expire.

How many bags of pellets are needed for my stove?

It depends on how much heat a room needs. On a low setting, a bag of Timberland/Peak Heating Pellets should last about 16 hours. Your Timberland/Peak pellet dealer will be able to help define your needs.

Why are the heating pellets shiny?

The pellets don’t need any glue or other additives to hold them together because a natural sealer come from the wood itself: lignin. It’s basically the sap inside of the woodgrain. When the saw dust is heated, the lignin seeps out and cools on the outside of the pellet, causing it to become shiny.

production facilities


300 NW 16th St
Fruitland, ID 83619


820 Complex St SW
Lenoir, NC 28645


L4615 Lee Hwy
Marion, VA 24354

Independence Sawmill

407 Lumber Ln
Independence, VA 24348

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