Woodgrain is one of the largest millwork operations in the world, with locations all around the United States and Chile. With more than 65 years of quality craftsmanship and service, we make the highest quality wood mouldings, doors, and windows. Woodgrain’s strength comes from being vertically integrated, which allows us to oversee each step of the supply chain — From owning the forest and cutting the timber in our state-of-the-art sawmills, to production in our network of manufacturing facilities, to delivery of goods with our strategic distribution network. Woodgrain is proud to be family owned and operated, with the 3rd generation leading the way.

Vertically Integrated
What does it mean to be vertically integrated?
1. We source our logs sustainably.
2. Our sawmills produce lumber for our internal mills and external customers.
3. Our six millwork remanufacturing facilities produce mouldings as well as door and window components.
4. Sawdust created from our lumber and millwork operations is used for our Nature’s® animal bedding products. 99% of the timber is utilized, reducing waste and optimizing each piece of wood.
5. Our door plant utilizes millwork parts to handcraft premium quality stile and rail doors here in America.
6. Our window plants utilize millwork parts to craft premium wood windows in our Iowa and North Carolina facilities.
7. Woodgrain Distribution has 7 warehouses across the country to service our customers. We deliver our products through a network of trucks and field service reps to ensure quality and timeliness.
8. We stand behind our products and take pride in the craftsmanship and quality of everything we make. Owning each step of the process ensures top-notch quality.

In 1954, Merrill “Bud” Dame planted a seed—a moulding company in Utah named Dame Moulding and Lumber Company. Bud had no background in the wood business and only had a high school education. He made his living as a long-haul truck driver until he accepted sawmill equipment from a customer who owed him a significant amount of money. Being an entrepreneurial man, Bud learned how to use the equipment and began producing lumber and mouldings during the week. He loaded the products onto his truck and began personally hauling them to each customer.

Dame Moulding and Lumber Company quickly grew and moved its corporate offices to Fruitland, Idaho in 1969, where it is still planted today. Eventually, the company was renamed Woodgrain, and Bud’s sons took over and nourished Woodgrain into a highly successful, multi-product company.  Reed Dame led the company as CEO for more than 30 years until Kelly Dame succeeded him as President and CEO in 2009.  Today, Reed and Kelly’s sons and sons-in-laws hold key leadership roles, and Woodgrain has established itself as a significant global wood products manufacturer with a reputation for the highest quality wood doors, mouldings, and windows.


Dame Lumber and Moulding Company is founded in Utah.


Dame Lumber and Moulding Company moves to Lakeview, Oregon.


Corporate Offices open in Fruitland, ID.


Dame Lumber and Moulding becomes Woodgrain Millwork, Inc.


Reed Dame takes over as CEO of Woodgrain Millwork.


Woodgrain Doors is started with the acquisition of Meridian Wood in Nampa, ID.


Windsor Windows and Doors in West Des Moines, IA is acquired.


Windsor Windows and Doors opens a facility in Monroe, NC with the acquisition of Heritage of Monroe.


Woodgrain Millwork opens a mill in Albany, GA.


Woodgrain Millwork opens a mill in Marion, VA. Woodgrain Doors increases product offering with the acquisition of Jessup Doors.


Woodgrain Chile is formed out of a partnership in a moulding plant in Los Angeles, Chile.


Woodgrain Distribution is started and another mill is added to Woodgrain Millwork with the acquisition of Brown Moulding in Montevallo, AL.


Woodgrain Millwork acquires Atrium Patio Doors, now Asworth Doors in West Des Moines, IA


Woodgrain Millwork expands their product offering with the acquisition of DecraMold ® in Oklahoma City, OK. Woodgrain Millwork invests in Craftmaster Manufacturing Inc., a moulded door skin company.


Woodgrain Chile builds door plant in Los Angeles, Chile. Third generation family members join operations in various Woodgrain Millwork companies.


Woodgrain Doors opens a facility in Eagan, MN with the acquisition of Passages.


Monarch Windows and Doors is acquired. Woodgrain Distribution’s headquarters moves to Atlanta, GA.


Nature’s is started with the installation of the first pellet mill in Prineville, OR.


Kelly Dame becomes CEO of Woodgrain Millwork.


Finished Elegance ® is launched by Woodgrain Millwork and Woodgrain Distribution


Woodgrain Millwork opens a mill in Lenoir, NC.


Woodgrain Millwork opens a sawmill in Emmett, Idaho; creating a Woodgrain Lumber division.


Woodgrain Millwork acquires Triwood in Americus, GA.


Woodgrain Distribution opens new facility in Jackson, MS.


Woodgrain Millwork acquires two new product lines: WoodGuard and EcoForm.

Woodgrain Lumber expands with the acquisition of 2 sawmills in addition to a particle board plant all located in Eastern Oregon.


Woodgrain acquires Southern Shavings in Fallston, NC.


Expanding upon its  partnership, Woodgrain acquires 100% ownership of Promasa in Chile.

Woodgrain acquires the Lowe’s TN Millwork door shop.

Woodgrain purchases Independence Lumber in Independence, VA & Elkin, NC.

Corporate Values

Woodgrain’s business philosophy consists of open, honest communication with all customers, accountability for our actions, and conducting business respectably. We build relationships with our customers based on trust and uphold high standards of quality and efficiency to drive success—success for ourselves and our customers. Our corporate values provide the base for all we do.

  • Safety: We choose to place safety above all and keep each other safe.
  • Integrity: We are honest and believe in doing the right thing every time.
  • Servant Leadership: We lead best by serving and understanding others.
  • Respect for People: We treat others as we would like to be treated.
  • Customer Focus: We listen, and exceed customer expectations.
1. OUR SAFETY MISSION • Safety is everyone’s responsibility. It is a choice we all must make. We believe all incidents are preventable. Safety Above All means nothing comes before safety. • We have a moral obligation to keep all employees, customers, vendors, and all of our friends at Woodgrain safe from harm or accident. • We hold ourselves to a higher standard than just the minimum required by regulation. • We report all near hits. • We learn from our history and work to eliminate risks. • We follow all safety procedures every time. • We hold ourselves and others accountable for safety violations. • We respect machinery and operate equipment only when the equipment is safe and we are qualified to do so safely. • We continually ask questions regarding how we can do our work safer. • We practice good housekeeping. • We use proper body mechanics. • We always wear appropriate clothing and personal protective equipment (PPE) suitable for the activity we are engaged in. • We are always prepared for emergencies.
2. SERVANT LEADERSHIP • We lead best by serving others. • We actively listen and understand issues from other’s perspectives. • We accept people for who they are, including their strengths and weaknesses. • We create relationships of trust and assume other’s actions are honorable. • We seek to influence others, rather than coerce compliance. • We set and communicate clear expectations. • We create and share a compelling vision with employees. • We work with others to generate outstanding results. • We accept responsibility for the success of Woodgrain and each other. • We lead with humility and example, yet value the strengths of others.
3. INTEGRITY • We always seek and tell the truth. • We hold ourselves and others accountable. • We are open, frank, genuine, and sincere. • We don’t allow misconceptions to stand. • We achieve results through honourable actions. • We have courage and always do the right thing. • We always do what we say we will do. • We are trustworthy and develop trust. • We are honorable to the absent. • We take ownership and are responsible for our actions.
4. CUSTOMER FOCUS • We exceed customer expectations. • We promote and develop long term partnerships. • We understand customer needs and values. • We find a way to get the customers what they want. • We delight the customer in everything we do. • We are easy to do business with. • We have a small company feel with a personal touch. • We create value for the customer. • We always ship complete and on time. • We develop personal relationships. • We resolve issues and concerns quickly.
5. RESPECT FOR PEOPLE • We respect, value, and appreciate all employees. • We hold safety as an essential value in demonstrating respect for individuals. • We create a learning environment for the growth & development of all. • We support each other, celebrate success, and recognize achievement. • We get people involved, encourage participation, and develop teams. • We recruit and develop the very best people. • We believe employees are our greatest assets, and we help them develop. • We show mercy as well as justice as we hold each other accountable. • We create a family friendly environment.
Mission Statement

Our mission is to leverage our Vertical Integration to deliver Premier Service and Customer Driven Millwork Solutions. The way we treat our employees instills pride in themselves, their company and ultimately the customers they serve.

Woodgrain Companies
The Woodgrain family of companies is dedicated to creating exceptional customer value through the relentless improvement of our people, products, and processes.