Finished Elegance: Premium Moulding with No Painting

In the realm of interior design and home improvement, the quest for perfection often entails the process of selecting and installing moulding. This fundamental architectural element has the power to elevate a room’s aesthetic appeal while serving functional purposes. However, it has traditionally demanded a several step process that included painting, leaving homeowners yearning for

Victorian Homes and Keeping Their History Alive

Victorian interior design emerged during the reign of Queen Victoria—the name a nod to Her Majesty—and greatly influenced design trends across Europe and America. Victorian style is known for its ornateness, orderliness, and eclectic approach by compiling different textures and materials into one gorgeous motif. Due to the Industrial Revolution years earlier, the world saw

Woodgrain: A Vertically Integrated Company

Did you know that Woodgrain is a vertically integrated company? Vertical integration refers to a business strategy where a company owns and manages multiple stages of the production and distribution process within the same industry. In the case of Woodgrain, being a vertically integrated company means that we not only manufacture our products, but also

Sunrooms: The Best Addition to Your Home

Intro A sunroom, suggested by its name, is a room that is all about inviting an abundance of sunshine into your home. Sunrooms are the perfect way to invite the outdoors, inside. Slightly different from a solarium, a sunroom is an additional room separated by a patio or sliding French doors, and the frame is

Woodgrain at the Haven Conference 2023

It’s that time again. Woodgrain attends Haven for the 5th time! The Haven Conference, newly owned by Mollie Surratt, is an annual event that takes place in July that congregates all lovers of DIY, interior design, and home building. Bloggers, influencers, content creators, and more all flocked to Atlanta, Georgia to hear and learn from

How to Emulate the Coastal Grandmother Style

Intro Coastal Grandmother has taken the summer season by storm. This phrase brings memories of slow mornings, walks on the beach, and a good book with afternoon tea. The poster child–or should I say, poster grandmother– of this movement is Diane Keaton in her blockbuster hit: Something’s Gotta Give. Her famous outfits featured white linen,

Huttig-Grip Fasteners: Now A Part of Woodgrain’s Family of Brands

Fasteners for Every Application In May, 2022, Woodgrain expanded its national footprint with the acquisition of Huttig Building Products. With the acquisition, Woodgrain’s specialty products category now includes Huttig-Grip Fasteners, an exciting and significant addition to Woodgrain’s family of brands. Huttig-Grip fasteners was initially a regional brand, stocked in the Pacific Northwest. In late 2016, the Huttig-Grip

Define the Design Series – Jenna with ColorDrunk Designs

Woodgrain is excited to present our Define the Design Series, which showcases top Interior Designers utilizing Woodgrain’s very own products from crown to baseboards and everything in-between. This multi-part series gives viewers an inside look at projects from beginning to end, including behind the scenes footage with the designer, installation, and the final reveal. Our

The Best Doors of 2023

Door trends continuously evolve over time. Throughout history, doors have been symbols of an array of things. In Ancient Egypt, they were seen as a passage to the afterlife, so instead of doors, they opted for case openings. During the Renaissance era, Spanish doors were made of metal and extremely detailed with depictions of historical

How to: Regencycore Style like Bridgerton

Intro Step into a world of elegance and refinement with Regencycore! This interior design style is based on the Regency Era’s illustrious time over 200 years ago, spanning from 1811 to 1820. A time of lavish balls, high society, and Mr. Darcy’s. Though it lasted only officially nine years, it has long impacted design, fashion,