How to: Eclectic Interior Design

Can’t decide which interior design style to go for? Try going Eclectic! Eclectic interior design blends different eras, styles, textures, and colors to create a unique and personalized look. It allows for an abundance of creativity and freedom in choosing pieces, as there are no strict rules to follow. This style incorporates a wide range

Modern Tuscan Villa Interior Design

Are you dreaming of a Tuscan getaway but can’t seem to get away? Bring the Italian style into your home and let the warm sun shine through! This style is based on the Tuscan villas in Italy from the 1600s. Similar to Spanish Interior Design, Tuscan villas sport stone exterior walls, terracotta roofs, wooden elements,

How to: Regencycore Style like Bridgerton

Intro Step into a world of elegance and refinement with Regencycore! This interior design style is based on the Regency Era’s illustrious time over 200 years ago, spanning from 1811 to 1820. A time of lavish balls, high society, and Mr. Darcy’s. Though it lasted only officially nine years, it has long impacted design, fashion,

How to: Reinvented Heritage

As nostalgia runs wild, more and more traditional styles have resurfaced. Reinvented Heritage, also known as Modern Heritage, brings back iconic fabrics and patterns and merges them with classic décor. Think of an old British estate with mahogany floors, detailed moulding, traditional art, and plaid couch cushions. This movement celebrates influential craftsmanship, culture, and affluent

A Blast From The Past: Retro Revival

A Blast From the Past Retro interior design is making a comeback and it’s groovier than ever. It’s a mix of generation’s past with a modern twist. Its distinct style encourages playful colors, chunky shapes, and funky décor. In the 1950s, the first mass-produced paints became available to the public. Everyone wanted vibrant colors to

How To: Boho-Chic Design

A Little History Boho-chic is just that, Bohemian style with more glam and elegance. When you hear the name, you immediately think of eccentric artists and hippies with long skirts and flowers in their hair. The style is so loved not only for its astounding fashion but also its interior design style and art. It’s

A Crash Course on Hellenistic Interiors

Crash Course on Hellenistic Interiors   We’re heading back to ancient Greece, the time when gladiators battled, the great philosopher Aristotle wrote, and the Hellenistic style thrived. It was a time none of us alive now could ever truly appreciate, but we can experience a taste of this era by adding sprinkles of the Greco-Roman style

The Building Blocks of Sustainable Living

In recent years, sustainability has become a priority for more people in their lives, homes, and environment. Sustainable interior design is meant to create a home that’s better for the environment and the planet. To design a sustainable home, you must introduce sustainable materials and furniture, natural lighting, natural materials, greenery, and timeless and highly

The Revival of Dark Wood

Dark wood tones have nearly been forgotten over the last decade as light wood tones took over homes. Dark wood exudes a rich look and feel and has many benefits over light wood tones. We’re expecting dark wood tones to make a comeback as more traditional designs begin to pop back up. Floors, cabinetry, doors,

Why Farmhouse Style Continues to Pop Up

Hearing “Farmhouse style” in the 21st century will have you pondering about this “outdated” trend, wondering why you still see it popping up everywhere. Traditional Farmhouse style at its core has slowly evolved and is being incorporated into other interior design styles like Modern Farmhouse, Industrial Farmhouse, Urban Farmhouse, etc. This design has transitioned away