A Timeless Style: Traditional Interior Design

These past few years the reigning mantra has been in with the old, out with the new. From fashion to interior design, trend cycles recycle over time, with a slightly more sophisticated appeal. This timeless style emerged as early as the 17th century, largely inspired by Baroque style, classical art, and a mix of inspirations from England, France, and even as far as Asia. The typical markers found in a traditional home were dark wooden elements, embellished furniture, long flowy drapery, and ornate moulding. Traditional design hones in on rich colors, old school patterns, and lots and lots of details around the home. A Traditional design with a more modern touch is an elegant blend of the past and the present, giving a classic approach that never goes out of style!

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Colors + Patterns

Colors and patterns play an integral role in Traditional interior design. Rich hues and warm tones define the color palette. Neutral colors like off white, tan, and warm browns are the base of this style, but color is essential. Instead of bright and loud colors, colors are elegant and luxurious. Jeweled toned colors are a must. Typically, you will note deep reds and greens with occasional touches of muted toned colors like timeless ruby, sparkling emerald, and flashy sapphire to accentuate the ambiance of the space. These colors are often paired with intricate patterns that add additional texture to a room. Patterns like damask and floral prints standout in this style but don’t be afraid of stripes, tartan, and other old-school patterns. Dark wood creates contrast to the space. Place light green or hushed blue florals against warm wood tones that will enhance its appearance. Intentionally place patterns against neutral backdrops to not overwhelm the space with too much influence from the past. Whether it’s a chevron print wallpaper, a Karastan rug, or a damask pillows, pattern and color adds visual appeal and makes your room come to life. 

Fit for Royalty 

Regal influence can be found in every corner of this style. Traditional furniture is made from high-quality materials like fine upholstery, quality wood, brass, and leather. All of these materials add sturdiness and durability to each and every piece. Sophisticated additions embody pieces that are stylish and functional while staying timeless. Favor furniture that has simple and sophisticated lines but spares the hard edges of modernity. Visualize a room with pieces that complement one another, creating a look that’s not too stuffy and traditional nor too cliched and modern. Pick out an effortless wooden coffee table, with a sleek marble-top to add interesting detail. These style pieces could serve as functional centerpieces for books, drinks with guests, and the occasional footrest. To complete the look, pair a table with wingback accent chairs for a timeless yet comfortable seating option. This duo will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for casual gatherings or formal occasions alike, especially if placed strategically in front of a captivating fireplace.


Wall to Wall

Accent walls are a great way to add charm and elegance to any part of your home. Accent walls include perfectly stained moulding and an assortment of wallpaper prints. Accent walls, and ceilings, serve as an anchor that will bring out even more character in your décor selections. Leading well-known designs in Traditional homes are wainscoting, judges paneling, and coffered ceilings. You can accentuate any design by adding moulding build-ups wherever you see fit. Often times, we see exaggerated crown and baseboard build-ups that draw the eye and make your room feel more grandeur. Adding wispy painting-like wallpaper prints creates a relaxing ambiance to your space while boasting the lifestyle during this period!

Traditional design oftentimes is mistaken to be old and boring, but instead it’s detailed and timeless. Similar to the woodwork, we often see doors with more detail, raised panels, and unique carved casings framing your doorways. Choose doors that not only have a traditional flair but also have the ability to seamlessly fit in modern spaces. A simplistic 6-panel interior door encompasses all that is Traditional: simple, durable, and effortlessly beautiful. French doors, like the 518 model, are another sought-after door style with gorgeous glass panels, allowing the perfect amount of natural light in!

How to: Stealth Wealth

With its sleek lines, neutral color palette, and focus on quality materials, Traditional décor creates an atmosphere of understated luxury. This year, the term “stealth wealth” has bubbled up to the surface and is now trending. Stealth wealth, also known as quiet luxury, is the act of being wealthy without the desire to show it off. The complete epitome of understated luxury. This typically is found in fashion but easily translates to interior design. Show expensive yet practical style tastefully rather than cluttering your space. Imprint this style into your home by adding wooden elements, brass gold accents, mixed hardware, antique items, and even long flowy drapes! Don’t overbear your walls with art and competing images, opt for simplistic paintings of breathtaking landscapes, wrapped in adorned golden picture frames. Invest in quality, classic pieces that last like brass hardware, expensive lighting like chandeliers or crystal light fixtures, and priceless décor pieces. Browse your local antique store to incorporate effortless affluence to your abode with true traditional pieces!

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The key is to show it, not say it. By mixing high-end and thrifted pieces, you can create a look that is both sophisticated and approachable, making your home feel both stylish and welcoming. For inspiration check out our Traditional Interior Design Inspiration Pinterest Board and make sure to follow us on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook! Follow us @WeAreWoodgrain!