Top 5 Accent Walls This Year

Walls are the building blocks of a room, literally. Throughout the years, we’ve seen numerous ways to create a unique and trendy room. What has been consistent in these trends are accent walls, whether muted or bold, accent walls draw you in and elevate the aesthetic of the room. These focal points help give a room decorative flair and character. If your space looks lackluster, add an accent wall.

Here are Woodgrain’s top 5 picks for Accents Walls for 2023!


If it’s not broken, don’t fix it! Wainscoting has been around for centuries. In the 13th century, King Henry III imported wood from Norway and added it to Windsor Castle. Traditionally, the wood used was crafted from solid oak wood panels. Generally, Wainscoting is placed about one-third of the way up the wall. Like the elegance of its name, Wainscoting was created to be a graceful way to protect dining room walls from damage and scuff marks. You can see this type of accent wall in many traditional interior styles like Farmhouse and Reinvented Heritage.

Wainscoting is multifaceted, add it to your living room, dining room, or bedroom. This accent wall will create an atmosphere of affluence and prestige while being completely functional! Wainscoting is also known for allowing you to add wallpaper or contrasting paint above it. Learn how to install your own Wainscoting wall here.

Board & Batten

Board and Batten originated in Northern Europe—rumored to be either Swedish or Norwegian—in the 1830s, during the Gothic Revival. Board and Batten is a more practical and utilitarian design style. It originally was used for the exterior of homes, providing ample enough shelter from the natural elements. These days, Board and Batten can be found in the interior of homes, either on a full wall or as a build-up. Board and Batten has the ability to blend multiple sizes of boards and moulding or can be stand alone with just boards! Incorporate symmetrical pieces of boards with basecap for the perfect decorative build-up design! This style is so versatile, you don’t have to paint it! See how you can install your own Board and Batten wall here!


You can never go wrong with a classic style like a Fluted Accent Wall. This style was popularized in Ancient Greece and Rome. In 2023, the Hellenistic style has made a comeback and so have fluted pieces! Historically flutes were found on large columns; the narrow grooves carved into them promoted a play of light on the column and made the columns appear more perfectly round, according to the Grecian designers. This accent wall includes moulding with rounded grooves—like 1002 casing—that are repeated over and over again, creating a memorizing pattern across your wall. This elegant wall is easy to recreate in your own space. Here’s a tutorial on how you can add a fluted casing accent wall to your room.


There is nothing new underneath the sun! Trend cycles do exactly as their moniker suggests; it cycles! As we continue to progress in modern times, abstract design continues to come to the center. An emphasis on geometric shapes has been popularized due to the Retro Revival. Many styles loved decades ago have come back and are fiercely desired again. Texture, prints, and colors were all the rage during that time. A Geometric accent wall gives off a playful vibe with its chunky, unique shapes. There is no better ode to Retro style than a Geometric accent wall. Follow this tutorial to get the lowdown on how to recreate this in your space. Add fun and playful colors like Thai Teal or Electric Orange for a unique feel.

Picture Frame

A known and beloved accent wall is Picture Frame. Its name was earned from its picture frame-like appearance and the use of picture mould. Picture frame designs can also be known as box trim or judges paneling. Picture frame moulding is similar to wainscoting, but the former typically takes up entire walls. This style is truly classic and boasts affluence. The key to this accent wall is to utilize moulding like base cap moulding and planning out the exact measurements of where you want your moulding to go. You can make your “boxes” small, large, or multi-sized, creating a distinguished feel that will wow your guests! You can find a Picture Frame accent wall in styles like Modern Baroque and Transitional interior design. These styles have a feminine touch and intricate designs. Opt for white paint to create a bright and dignified look. Add this timeless accent wall to your home by following this tutorial!

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