Outdoor Spaces

Spending time outside helps people re-connect with nature, something we have started leaning into a lot more recently. One of the most obvious ways to enjoy nature is to go to the park, hike, or plan a trip somewhere like the Grand Canyon. However, with our busy schedules, it’s not always easy to get away,

DIY Accent Wall: Framed Wallpaper

This DIY Accent Wall is Framed Wallpaper, which is a unique yet elegant accent that can be easily adapted to your personal style. This design is a great way to take things to the next level. Watch our video and follow the steps below to see how you can build a beautiful framed wallpaper accent

Moroccan Interior Design

Moroccan interior design first became mainstream in the 60s when affluent hippies were traveling and brought the interior design style of Morocco to the West. Contrary to popular belief, Moroccan interior style doesn’t just come from Morocco. It also takes influence from Spain, France, Arabia, and Portugal. This interior design style is all about color,

2021 Interior Door Trends

Doors are one of the final touches in a home that can transform a room. Interior doors have the primary functions of privacy and noise reduction, but let’s not forget style when picking out new doors. It is worth paying attention and keeping style in mind when selecting doors for rooms. Modern French Doors A

Fluted Furniture

Fluted furniture is popping up everywhere, but what exactly is it? First let’s talk about what “fluted” is. Fluted is in the same realm as paneling, moulding, and trim. It can also be referred to as reeded, ribbed, and grooved. This detailing is perfect way to add extra texture in your home without being over

What Is Cottagecore & How to Bring It In Your Home

Cozy and welcoming, Cottagecore is centered around nostalgia for a simpler time mixed with sustainable living. When you think of Cottagecore picture a quintessential countryside cottage that is every bit warm and rustic at the same time. You’ll find yourself wanting to curl up on the couch getting lost in a good book. We see

Add Character To Your Home With Old World Art

Your traditional old world art doesn’t just belong in the Getty Museum or a traditionally styled home. They can also be added to a more contemporary setting, giving your space extra character. Not only is it fun to find the right piece of art, but it has a long and rich history that tells a

Embracing Your Inner Maximalist

The decorating trend of minimalism held strong for years, but people have recently been switching things up with a more maximalist approach to design. Contrary to what one might think, maximalism isn’t all about filling every square inch of a room with furniture and calling it a day. It’s about creating a story with the

How To Incorporate Acrylic Furniture In Your Home

Acrylic furniture is popping up everywhere lately. The addition of acrylic furniture makes for a unique aesthetic and can be added to just about anyone’s home when done right. It’s not just a fun trend, acrylic furniture is also extremely durable and easy to clean. If you love the look of acrylic furniture, but not

Millennials: The DIY Generation

In the last year, a lot more people were staying in their homes because of COVID-19, so it’s no question that home improvement projects increased significantly. Millennials have taken on more home improvement projects than any other generation. Tapping into their creative side, DIY projects have been the go to for millennials. According to the