Embracing Your Inner Maximalist

The decorating trend of minimalism held strong for years, but people have recently been switching things up with a more maximalist approach to design. Contrary to what one might think, maximalism isn’t all about filling every square inch of a room with furniture and calling it a day. It’s about creating a story with the perfect combination of color, print, and eclectic decorations.

Include Funky Wall Paper

Instead of starting with a blank canvas, start with an exciting one by putting up patterned wallpaper. This can be used to help set the stage for your overall look. Recently it has become easier than ever to put wallpaper up with new “peel and stick” wallpaper coming out. Not only is it easy to put up, but it’s also easy to remove making this new type of wallpaper perfect for those of us who might be a little indecisive. There are so many designs to choose from, like this Jungle Leopard print from Carter + Main.

Photo from Carter + Main

Bold Colors

Don’t be afraid of color, in fact, make it the focus of your room. Choose a color palette you love and buy furniture pieces around it. Have darker walls? Add bright accents, like this pink chair from Ashley Furniture, to balance things out.

Photo from Ashley Furniture

Add Vintage Furniture

Vintage finds are perfect for maximalism. You will have no trouble finding pieces to fit your home at any local vintage shop. If you can’t make it to your favorite vintage shop, try looking online at places like Chairish. You’re bound to find some eclectic pieces to love.

Photo by Elle Decor

Create a Gallery Wall

Finding art for a gallery wall might be one of the most fun ways to participate in the more is more trend. Forget what you know about coordinating your art. From the frames, sizes of art, to the subject, be sure to mix it up. Not sure where to find the right art for your space? Minted is a great place to start or support independent creators from online shops like Etsy.

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