Add Character To Your Home With Old World Art

Your traditional old world art doesn’t just belong in the Getty Museum or a traditionally styled home. They can also be added to a more contemporary setting, giving your space extra character. Not only is it fun to find the right piece of art, but it has a long and rich history that tells a story of the past and is meant to inspire you, so let it do just that.

Photo from House & Home

Create a balance between old and new within your home. Adding an old world art piece is a pleasant splash of contrast against your typical modern interior. It also adds a touch of elegance to a room. Be sure to pay attention to the artist’s tone when staging art, this will really set the mood of a space.

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Add a twist to art you find at a vintage shop or flea market by creating a dipped art look yourself. This style first popped up when artist Oliver Jeffers started dipped his own fully painted portraits into vats of enamel paint as a series of performances. This same style is easy to reproduce yourself using painter’s tape, a paintbrush, enamel paint of your choice, and of course, your vintage find.  There is nothing more fun than a DIY project you can do one day over the weekend.

Painting by Oliver Jeffers

 But where can you find old world style art for your home? If you want to go all out with original art start at an art auction. Sotheby’s frequently has art auctions with a diverse range of decorative paintings from the Renaissance to the present day. But if you need a much more budget-friendly option, hit up your local vintage store or flea market.

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If your style encompasses bold patterns with traditional, homey pieces with modern elements the interior style, Grandmillenial, can help guide you on incorporating old world art into your space! Sometimes referred to as “granny-chic,” Grandmillenial style embraces typically outdated décor, such as floral-patterned curtains, old world art, and china plates and prints. However, the key is styling the décor together so that the room looks fresh and hip, rather than old and stuffy.

Check out our Grandmillenial blog post on how to achieve this style.

Photo from James Farmer

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