What Is Cottagecore & How to Bring It In Your Home

Cozy and welcoming, Cottagecore is centered around nostalgia for a simpler time mixed with sustainable living. When you think of Cottagecore picture a quintessential countryside cottage that is every bit warm and rustic at the same time. You’ll find yourself wanting to curl up on the couch getting lost in a good book. We see this style as romanticized European farm life – here are 4 ways you can execute a Cottagecore style in your home.

Photo from Adorable Home

All The Fresh Flowers

It’s no secret plants/flowers have been extra popular in the past several years, for good reason. Plants not only add to the overall aesthetic of your home they are also known to boost your mood, inspire creativity, and improve air quality. Adding fresh flowers is an essential part of Cottagecore interior design style. You can find fresh-cut flowers at your local grocery store, flower shop or pick your own flowers outside.

Photo from Chloe Dominik


Wallpaper is having a moment in a big way, it’s being seen in many different interior design styles, including Cottagecore. And with new innovations like peel and stick wallpaper, it’s become much easier to add to your home. Gone are the days of struggling to put wallpaper up and being confined to one design. This wallpaper from Wayfair instantly transforms any room, one of the easiest ways to give it that county feel.

Photo from Wayfair

Add Color and Texture

While many interior design styles use more monochromatic color schemes and have a sleek look, with Cottagecore you should bring more texture, eclectic décor pieces, and patterns into your home. Think quilts, lace, floral-inspired art, wicker baskets, and pastel furniture; little details make a big difference. Have fun with it and don’t be afraid to let your home feel lived-in, it’s all about comfort. This quilt from Overstock adds the perfect amount of ruffles & lace.

Photo from Overstock

Canopy Bed

Originally intended to conserve warmth and offer privacy, canopy beds are now used to bring an element of feminine style to a bedroom. It’s the perfect romantic touch you can add to your bedroom to create the Cottagecore look. This canopy bed from Pottery Barn is simple and stylish, perfect for creating that cottage feel. Want to learn how to drape a canopy bed? You can find a great step-by-step guide here.

Photo from Mattress Nut

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