How To Incorporate Acrylic Furniture In Your Home

Acrylic furniture is popping up everywhere lately. The addition of acrylic furniture makes for a unique aesthetic and can be added to just about anyone’s home when done right. It’s not just a fun trend, acrylic furniture is also extremely durable and easy to clean. If you love the look of acrylic furniture, but not sure where to start keep reading.

Update Your Coffee Table

It’s important not to go overboard when it comes to incorporating the trend into your home. Instead of buying a bunch of pieces, mix acrylic furniture into what you already own. Add a coffee table like this one from Amazon to mix things up in your living room.

Photo from Amazon

Switch Out A Few Chairs

Because acrylic furniture is transparent, it’s an easy way to make a small space feel light and more open. People often make the mistake of only buying small uncomfortable pieces because they’re afraid to overcrowd a space. Have a small dining room? Try switching out your current dining room chairs with acrylic ones like these from Wayfair. They will help make things seem less cluttered. Acrylic chairs are also a great addition to your home office. 

Photo from Wayfair

Go Big With It

If you love the look of acrylic furniture but don’t want to go overboard, buy one stand-out piece. Shelves like these from Homary make a statement and are ultra-sturdy because of the stainless steel accents. It has a very elegant yet modern look.

Photo from Homary

Have Some Fun

Acrylic furniture doesn’t have to be completely clear, it can come in beautiful colors as well. The possibilities are endless. Add a neon end table to your bedroom or living room like this pink one from Wayfair. Not ready to let go of your current furniture? There are plenty of acrylic decorations you can add to your home as well, like this lamp from Overstock or mirror from CB2.

Photo from Wayfair

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