Happy Women In Construction Week!

The people responsible for planning and building a variety of projects that are essential to our daily lives. Construction and engineering include a wide array of roles from a Construction Manager to an Engineering Analyst. In this industry about 86% are male, leaving 14% of the other portion female. Over the past few years, more

Distribution Wins President’s Safety Award

Safety First Woodgrain President & CEO Kelly Dame recently came to Lawrenceville, GA to present the Distribution division with Woodgrain’s 2022 President’s Safety Award, which is given to one of six divisions within Woodgrain with the best safety record over the course of the year. “We are the safest that we’ve been as a corporation,

Why You Need MDF Router Carved Doors in Your Home

Homeowners often choose interior doors that are fundamental but lack visual interest. Interior doors are arguably the most undervalued design element when it comes to aesthetics! With thousands of door designs, styles, and configurations to choose from, finding the perfect door is an integral part of complementing your overall style. Our MDF Router Carved Doors

How to Prepare Your Windows For Winter

When the temperature drops, it’s time to prepare for winter. Windows are one of the most important things to prep when temperatures get colder. You don’t want drafts coming through the windows, so make sure you take care of them before cold weather sets in. Even if you have high quality windows like Windsor Windows,

Woodgrain Selects Rocky Mount for $7.5 Million Expansion

Raleigh, N.C. – Woodgrain, Inc., a building products company, will create 42 new jobs in Nash County, Governor Roy Cooper announced today. The company will invest $7.5 million to expand its door-hanging operation in Rocky Mount. “It’s great that Rocky Mount is Woodgrain’s top choice for its expansion,” said Governor Cooper. “This decision is indicative

Keep Your Animals Warm With Natures Animal Bedding

The days are getting shorter and colder, which means your animals, especially horses, will require greater maintenance to maintain proper health. One important way to protect your beloved animals from the harsh winds of winter is by providing them with quality bedding. Extra animal bedding helps keep animals warm by providing an extra layer of

84 Lumber Installation

We recently took a trip to Columbia, SC to do an installation in 84 Lumber’s new showroom! The project was a unique one in which we created a wall specific to each one of our Collections: Victorian Elegance, Timeless Craftsman, Calming Coastal, and Classic Colonial! It’s an ORC you probably wouldn’t do in your own

Louver Doors And Why You Need Them

You’ve heard of panel doors, sliding doors, glass doors and several other types of interior doors, but have you ever heard of louver doors? We are certain you’ve seen them before, but may just not know the name. So, what exactly are they? Louver doors are formulated with an arrangement of horizontal blades, called louvers,

Woodgrain Volunteers With Streetwise For Their Back To School Event

Fueled by a passion for helping others and giving back to the community, Woodgrain decided to volunteer with Streetwise to help with their Back to School Event. We believe we lead best by serving and encouraging our employees to be active members of their community. We also encourage employees to join us for volunteer opportunities

Accent Wall Challenge at Haven

If you are a DIY enthusiast, then Haven Conference is an event you don’t want to miss! Each year in July the conference brings together bloggers, influencers and other content creators from across the United States to celebrate the DIY spirit and empower entrepreneurs to share, teach, and inspire each other. Haven is packed with