Celebrating Women in Construction Week at Woodgrain!

Did you know that there are currently over 770,000 construction workers employed in the United States? However, despite this large number, women make up only a small percentage of the workforce. According to a 2023 report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women make up only 10.8% of construction workers in the US. This is partly due to historical stereotypes that construction work is more suited for men; however, women are breaking down these stereotypes and paving their way in the industry. In fact, the rate of women in construction has increased by 2% since 2010, when women made up only 8.9% of the labor force. This number is only expected to grow in the coming years.

In honor of Women’s History Month in March, let’s celebrate Women in Construction!

National Association of Women in Construction

The construction industry has come a long way in the past 70 years, thanks in part to pioneers like Doris Efird. Her leadership and vision led to the creation of the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), which has been supporting and empowering women in construction since 1955. With 120 chapters across the country and growing, NAWIC is a testament to the strength and resilience of women in this field. Whether you’re a project manager, builder, marketer, or administrator, NAWIC recognizes and values a wide range of contributions to the industry! At NAWIC, women in construction come together to learn, network, and support each other in achieving their goals.

This week, we celebrate the remarkable women in Woodgrain who inspire others and make the building industry truly amazing. Women in Construction (WIC) Week recognizes and celebrates the inspiring contributions of women who have made a positive impact in our company.  WIC not only gives women support but also provides the opportunity to receive aid in areas like professional development, education, networking, and leadership training. Today, we want to recognize some of Woodgrain’s amazing female associates who serve our customers and the industry during this special week.

What her coworkers say about her: Tina has been with our company since July of 1999. For most of that time, she has served as Office Manager for a large distribution center with a heavy emphasis on door production. This role involves multiple facets from HR, Inventory Management, AR, and general oversight in operational disciplines. Tina is the glue that holds our team together. She is also skilled in event planning and handling details of customer events. Overall, Tina is very customer service orientated and understands the needs of our customers and the importance of those relationships in our industry.

Thanks, Tina, for your inspiring leadership and for making an impact!

What her coworkers say about her: Kitty is a top-notch employee who works hard to keep us shipping products out to our customers.

Thanks, Kitty, for your unwavering dedication and hard work to ensure our success!

What her coworkers say about her: Leah’s 20 years of service anniversary will be this October, and she has done a tremendous job over the years supporting our field team.

Thank you for being an inspiration, Leah. Your creativity and support have made a real difference!

What her coworkers say about her: Melissa has proven herself to be exceptional in her role. She is a wonderful leader and coach who also teaches by example. She leads and supports her team above and beyond every day embracing the Woodgrain values in all that she does.

Thank you, Melissa, for your compassion and positive impact on others!

What her coworkers say about her: Nicole came to work with us in April of 2019. As she demonstrated her dedication and leadership skills, she quickly earned a promotion to warehouse manager over one of our locations. She has been responsible for team members working in a 100,000 square feet facility which houses a great deal of inventory. She is extremely detail-oriented and has managed her inventory very effectively. She has accomplished this during some very high levels of product inflow and outflow. Thank You Nicole for all You do!

Thanks, Shawon, for your strong work ethic and reaching great heights!

Thank you, TinaKittyLeahMelissa, and Nicole along with many more women who continue to make waves in the construction industry!

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