DIY Accent Wall: Fluted Casing Wall

Our DIY Accent Wall is a Fluted Casing Wall that uniquely brings texture into a space and elevates the aesthetic of the room. Contrary to popular belief, the style originated in Egypt, not Greece. Found on large columns, the narrow grooves carved into them promoted a play of light on the column and made the

84 Lumber Installation

We recently took a trip to Columbia, SC to do an installation in 84 Lumber’s new showroom! The project was a unique one in which we created a wall specific to each one of our Collections: Victorian Elegance, Timeless Craftsman, Calming Coastal, and Classic Colonial! It’s an ORC you probably wouldn’t do in your own

DIY Accent Wall: Decorative Build-up

This DIY accent wall is a twist on your typical board and batten design. This Decorative Build-Up takes a board and batten design and adds architectural interest with a piece of decorative moulding placed on the inside of the board and batten boxes. This craftsman design is now taken to a more colonial or even

DIY Accent Wall: Stained Slat Wall

Our DIY Accent Wall is a StainedSlat Wall, with it’s sleek, minimalistic look, this has become one of the most popular accent walls in recent years. If you are looking to add some texture to your walls in a day, a slat wall is one of the easiest ways to achieve that look. Watch our

DIY: Accent Ceiling

Our DIY Accent Wall is a Accent Ceiling, this unexpected way to transform your space is surprisingly easy. If you feel something is missing from your room, an accent ceiling might be just the right thing needed to take it to the next level. Watch our video and follow the steps below to see how

DIY Accent Wall: Board & Batten

This DIY Accent Wall is a Board and Batten design, this classic and timeless accent creates a focal point and adds character to any space. This design is perfect for someone who is just starting out in the DIY scene due to the simplicity of the project. Watch our video and follow the steps below

DIY Accent Wall: Accents by Woodgrain

This DIY Accent Wall is made with Accents by Woodgrain, which is a unique way to completely transform a wall. Each piece is a unique mix of individual pieces of reclaimed hardwoods varying in color, texture and thickness creating a truly unique look that is easy to install. Watch our video and follow the steps

DIY Accent Wall: Framed Wallpaper

This DIY Accent Wall is Framed Wallpaper, which is a unique yet elegant accent that can be easily adapted to your personal style. This design is a great way to take things to the next level. Watch our video and follow the steps below to see how you can build a beautiful framed wallpaper accent

DIY Accent Wall: Functional Geometric

This DIY Accent Wall is called Functional Geometric, what we love about this is that it is extremely easy to adapt this design to fit any space. Hence the name functional. This accent wall is perfect for someone wanting to do a design that is custom and unique to their personal style. Watch our video

DIY Accent Wall: Judges Paneling

This DIY Accent Wall is called Judges Panel and no, we’re not talking about the set of judges who sit together to make a ruling. This elegant and timeless wall is often mistaken with wainscoting due to its similarity; however, judges paneling is more versatile in that it can fill up a portion or the