The Best Doors of 2023

Door trends continuously evolve over time. Throughout history, doors have been symbols of an array of things. In Ancient Egypt, they were seen as a passage to the afterlife, so instead of doors, they opted for case openings. During the Renaissance era, Spanish doors were made of metal and extremely detailed with depictions of historical

Woodgrain Expands with New Acquisition!

Woodgrain has purchased Lowe’s TN Millwork door shop in White House, Tennessee. This acquisition increases Woodgrain’s position in the Southeast United States, while further bolstering Woodgrain’s millwork and door manufacturing capabilities and presence within Lowe’s home improvement stores across the Southeast and Mid Atlantic. The new door shop location, in turn, will be able to

Parisian Interior Design

Parisian Interior Design Effortlessly elegant and sophisticated, Parisian design has a certain je ne sais quoi to it that can’t be ignored. Create the look in your home that makes you feel like you’ve just been walking down a street in the city of lights carrying a baguette every day. Even if you really were

All About Woodgrain Millwork: A Woodgrain Company

In 1954, Merrill “Bud” Dame started Dame Lumber and Moulding Company in the small town of Cedar City, Utah where humble beginnings were built on hands-on manufacturing leadership and quality craftsmanship. The corporate headquarters was moved to Fruitland, Idaho in 1969 and as the company expanded, Dame Lumber and Moulding became Woodgrain Millwork, Inc. in 1984. 

All About Woodgrain Doors: A Woodgrain Company

Woodgrain Doors: A Woodgrain Company Woodgrain has manufactured millwork and building products for the residential and commercial construction markets since it was founded 1954. In over 65 years in business, the company has expanded with millwork, distribution, doors, and window divisions – making Woodgrain the preferred leader in construction and home building industry. What is

Suwanee Area Moms Club Accent Wall Competition

If you are an avid follower of Woodgrain, you know just how much we enjoy a good wood accent wall. The options are endless when it comes to creating an idea, choosing a style & pattern and turning it into an accent wall. So, we decided to host an accent wall competition through a local

All About Woodgrain Lumber

What is Woodgrain Lumber? Woodgrain Lumber is the newest addition to the Woodgrain family of companies. With access to premium logs from multiple U.S. national forests, the Idaho Department of Land and Woodgrain’s own private holdings, this division focuses on log procurement and timber harvesting and provides quality lumber for Woodgrain Millwork plants and a

Nature's by Woodgrain Millwork

Did you know Woodgrain makes animal bedding? If you didn’t, you’re not alone. Over 60% of users who participated in our Instagram poll revealed they had no idea!Our line of animal bedding products, Nature’s by Woodgrain Millwork, offers “best in class” animal bedding that’s highly absorbent, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective. So… Why? It’s all a part

Accents by Woodgrain

Adding Wood Tile Accents By Woodgrain It’s no secret that home renovation can get extremely expensive; one project leads to another, and then suddenly your whole home needs upgrading! It’s during these times when we need to work smarter (not harder!) and choose DIY projects that look great without breaking the bank. Adding wood tile

Why You Should Be Choosing Velvet Furniture

Over the last couple of years, velvet furniture has become a decor staple in many households. From bar stools to sofas to pillows, velvet is being used to create all sorts of items, and we don’t expect the velvet hype to die down anytime soon. So why has velvet furniture become so popular, and why