Suwanee Area Moms Club Accent Wall Competition

If you are an avid follower of Woodgrain, you know just how much we enjoy a good wood accent wall. The options are endless when it comes to creating an idea, choosing a style & pattern and turning it into an accent wall. So, we decided to host an accent wall competition through a local moms group to see what they could come up with and they did not disappoint!

Last week, we posted all of these amazing accent walls on our Instagram and Facebook account so that our followers could vote on their favorite accent wall. We received an amazing response from you all and tallied all the votes up. Even though there was only one official winner in this competition, we feel every participant is a winner. Their prize? A beautiful accent wall that they can show off to all of their family and friends!

Accent Wall Contest Winner: Melissa Bowman
Below are before and after images of each room and the profiles used in those rooms. All of the profiles used to create these beautiful accent walls can be found at your local Home Depot. If you are interested in creating an accent wall in your home, check out our Accent Wall Series on our blog and Accent Wall Series How to Videos on our YouTube channel for some inspiration.

Podcast Studio Accent Wall by Kadis Barlow

Kandis created a “slant” accent wall for her podcast studio.


  • 1×2 s4s Boards

Piano Room Accent Wall by Melissa Bowman

Melissa created a “geometric diamond pattern” for her piano room. Congratulations to Melissa on winning the accent wall competition.


  • 1×4 s4s Boards

Boys Bedroom Accent Wall by Shannon Parsons

Shannon created a 3/4 board and batten wall for her son’s bedroom.


  • 1×6 s4s Boards
  • 1×4 s4s Boards
  • 1×3 s4s Boards

Stairway Accent Wall by Virginia Strunk

Virginia created a paneled look with a baseboard.


  • 5180 Base Moulding

Dinning Room Accent Wall by Fritzi Gandhi

Fritzi created a board and batten wall for her dinning room.


  • 1×8 s4s Boards
  • 1×6 s4s Boards

Playroom Accent Wall by Jill Arendell

Jill created an accent wall around a mirror for her playroom.


  • 1×4 s4s Boards
  • 1×3 s4s Boards
  • 266 Lattice
  • 5180 Base Moulding


  • Choose a balanced, unobstructed wall that stands out.
  • Choose rooms or spaces where you want to make an impact. Bedrooms, living rooms and entryways are great spaces to create a custom look. Select spaces where guests will see it, or where you spend a good amount of your time.
  • Bold colors really make a statement. Dark greens, grey, black and blue are currently in.
  • White accent walls make a statement without being too bold.
  • Try to pick a style of accent wall that complements the look of your home and room; just because you like a modern style wall doesn’t mean it’s the best pick for a colonial style room.
  • Go in with a plan and draw out your design before beginning.
  • Find 2-3 moulding profiles that you think will achieve the look you’re going for. Then, take each sample and place it on the wall to see which you like the best.
  • Create a jig if you have to repeat a cut. This will save time and help with consistency.
  • Use hot glue to apply moulding first so that you can adjust the moulding if needed. Then use finishing nails to secure the moulding.
  • Rent a nail gun, use your own or use an adhesive.
  • Once everything is in place, apply more nails to ensure it is long lasting.
  • Use putty to the nail holes rather than caulking for a better finish.
  • If using a paint sprayer, keep 1.5 to 2” of space between you and the wall for an even application.
  • Take your time in the finishing stage. The little details when you finish will make the wall look more polished.
  • We estimate that creating an accent on a 12′ x 8′ wall can cost around $200. This includes paint, moulding, tool rentals and other materials. You can save money by using tools from your home or borrowing from friends.

New to accent walls? Check out our DIY Accent Wall: Quick Start blog post to learn the basics!

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