DIY Accent Wall: Decorative Build-up

This DIY accent wall is a twist on your typical board and batten design. This Decorative Build-Up takes a board and batten design and adds architectural interest with a piece of decorative moulding placed on the inside of the board and batten boxes. This craftsman design is now taken to a more colonial or even

Moulding Build-ups

What exactly is a moulding build-up? A moulding build-up means putting several different moulding profiles together to create one large piece of moulding. Weather you’re trying to create a crown, baseboard, chair rail, or even a board & batten build-up, it allows you to design a more elaborate moulding piece. If you’re looking for an

Black Interior Trim

Contrast is one of many fundamental elements when it comes to interior design. Contrast adds visual interest makes a space more dynamic and adds depth. If you don’t know what contrast is, it’s when there are at least two opposing characteristics that are placed together. This can be done a in a lot of different

Dream Room Glow Up Recap

Last month we hosted our first-ever Dream Room Glow Up contest! For the contest, participants had to submit their dream room designs and we provided our 4 finalists with everything to make their vision come to life! All 4 finalists are extremely talented, we are extremely impressed with how the rooms turned out. Everyone had

DIY Accent Wall: Framed Wallpaper

This DIY Accent Wall is Framed Wallpaper, which is a unique yet elegant accent that can be easily adapted to your personal style. This design is a great way to take things to the next level. Watch our video and follow the steps below to see how you can build a beautiful framed wallpaper accent

DIY Accent Wall: Functional Geometric

This DIY Accent Wall is called Functional Geometric, what we love about this is that it is extremely easy to adapt this design to fit any space. Hence the name functional. This accent wall is perfect for someone wanting to do a design that is custom and unique to their personal style. Watch our video