Woodgrain’s Particleboard Products

Our wood supply from eastern Oregon and western Idaho is truly one-of-a-kind and is the special ingredient behind our top-rated Boise Blend Particleboard. Our robust particleboard lineup ensures we have a high-quality solution for whatever you need.


Woodgrain 42# commercial particleboard provides manufacturing and shipping economies that translate into lower purchase costs. It’s light without sacrifice. Engineered for interior use only.


Woodgrain 45# premium industrial particleboard is renowned for its machining performance and edge integrity, 45# can be dressed up in a variety of coatings and laminates. Engineered for interior use only.


Woodgrain 47# premium industrial particleboard provides additional edge consolidation and physical properties. Engineered for interior use only.


Woodgrain 50# premium industrial particleboard is engineered for higher physical properties and a tighter consolidated core. Engineered for interior use only.


Proven performance since 2010 | Supports LEED® credits. ANCHOR Woodgrain fixture grade is specially engineered for slatwall applications and the store fixture market. It carries industry-leading internal bond strength (IB), along with a light and consistent color that laminates seamlessly. Extensive testing determines that ANCHOR is up to 50% stronger than premium MDF in slatwall applications. Engineered for interior use only.

Woodgrain Select

Woodgrain Select® is a high performance particleboard with a finer core, fewer voids, and a tighter finish. Engineered for interior use only.

Woodgrain Evergreen

Woodgrain Evergreen used this strictest of green practices to create industry leading quality. Comprised of 100% recycled fibers, our finished panel is an ECO-certified and composite certified (ECC). Engineered for interior use only.

FireWall FR®

FirewallFR® is a #50 Premium industrial particleboard with certified Class 1/Class A fire-rated properties; engineered to meet the heightened protection requirements of your commercial, industrial, and residential projects. FirewallFR® is equiped with MR10 moisture resistance and meets requirements for ANSI M-2. Engineered for interior use only.


Woodgrain’s moisture resistant MR10 is a premium industrial particleboard with added protection against occasional moisture. Engineered for interior use only.

Super Shelf

Woodgrain’s #45 premium industrial Super Shelf comes with a ready-to-finish, rounded, and putty filled edge for shelving made simple. Engineered for interior use only.

Super Step

Woodgrain’s Super Step is manufactured from #47 industrial particleboard. Engineered for interior use only.


Woodgrain’s Underlayment is acceptable for use in construction covered by HUD/FHA regulations and VA loans. This product meets the specifications of the American and Canadian national standards for flooring products. (ANSI A 208.1.2016 Table B) and HUD regulations 24 CFR Part 3280. Engineered for interior use only.

Safety Data Sheets

Safety Above All. Download our safety data sheets below.

Boise Blend – The Difference Maker

Woodgrain Composites specializes in Boise Blend Particleboard which offers superior color, composition, and a consolidated core for finishing and durability. Machining is believing. Our board can be sawed, dadoed, shaped, and routed without chipping or flaking. The versatile laminating substrate has excellent machining characteristics with two seamless faces that readily accept paper-thin laminates without telegraphing. The highly refined particle geometry forms two identical precision-sanded faces and a consolidated core. Characteristics include high internal bond, smooth surfaces, uniform density and strength.