5 Tips to Master Black Interior Design

Black is officially replacing gray as the go-to color for modern design. Like gray, black is a neutral color that never goes out of style, but black brings a boldness that will keep your space from looking washed-out. Perfect for those who stray away from vibrant colors, black interiors have a balance of simplicity and

Why You Should Be Choosing Velvet Furniture

Over the last couple of years, velvet furniture has become a decor staple in many households. From bar stools to sofas to pillows, velvet is being used to create all sorts of items, and we don’t expect the velvet hype to die down anytime soon. So why has velvet furniture become so popular, and why

2020 Color Trends

2020 has hit us with a lot of sudden changes. Our daily routines, how we communicate, our connection to others — All of these have been altered in some way or another. It’s important for us to stay calm as we navigate the world around us, and it starts with creating a stable and relaxing

2020 Trendy Door Styles

Woodgrain offers the highest quality of stile and rail and router carved doors in thousands of different options. Here are our top picks for door trends and styles for 2020. From both interior and exterior options to a number of wood types to achieve that perfect look.  See whats trending from our list below.  1.