Forever A Classic: How to Decorate Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern is a classic style that emerged in the middle of the 20th century, hints the name. This style has become one of the most popular interior design styles in the world. Even now, it continues to inspire designers. When it was first introduced, Mid-Century Modern was a completely new and fresh interior design style that focused more on having functional, open, and uncluttered spaces within the home. Today, Mid-Century Modern still emulates that classic style while incorporating touches of boho design, organic elements, and rustic notes.

Mid-Century Modern is more than just an interior design trend. It represents breaking free from the oppressions of both World Wars, rejecting traditions, and embracing new, modern ways of life. Mid-Century Modern has some elements of Scandinavian style, which has to do with the fact that they both came on the scene around the same time. It’s easy to see that they took a lot of inspiration from each other.

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Furniture & Décor

Mid-Century Modern interior design style is defined by its clean lines, simple shapes, and the use of organic elements. Furniture designs are meant to be practical and long-lasting yet, sculptural, making it the perfect combination of form and function. Solid wood is popular when it comes to Mid-Century Modern design, but you will also find combinations of wood with marble and glass or glossy plastic and metal. Easily incorporate Mid-Century Modern design into your home with the addition of slat walls, bar carts, mirrors, lighting, and elevated plant stands.

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Mid-Century Modern is usually decorated in warm autumn colors, like yellow gold, burnt orange, and mustard, along with greens and other earthy tones. Consider these colors when picking out furniture. Combine wood, Mid-Century style furniture with pops of greens, yellow, or orange. Bring it all together with green plants and black accents.


Geometric patterns and textiles should be incorporated into your home. Utilizing a unique wallpaper design is a great way to add a geometric pattern to your space, but keep it as an accent rather than having it throughout your entire home. Because straight lines and earthy tones are a key part of Mid-Century Modern, a slat wall with brown wood stain will give any space the right amount of texture. We created a blog post with step-by-step instructions on how to create a slat wall in one day, which you can read here. The wood slats not only add texture but they can be used as a backdrop for the bold pops of color. Incorporating wood was influenced heavily by Scandinavians and their large use of natural materials.

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Iconic Mid-Century Modern Pieces

You might even already own some décor pieces that came from the Mid-Century Modern era. Because Mid-Century Modern is so timeless, these pieces are still popular today. Below are some of the most iconic pieces and where to find them:

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