Simple Yet Beautiful: Slat Walls

Slat walls are having a moment and for good reason. This trendy, multi-dimensional look is modern and sleek. Not only are slat walls easy to install, but the possibilities are nearly endless. Slat walls can serve as both a design element, but can also be used as a way to separate spaces within one room, making them very functional.

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What exactly is a slat wall?

To put it simply, a slat wall is made of thin slices of wood, placed vertically or horizontally with equal space between each one. The most commonly seen way of doing a slat wall is with the slices of wood being vertical.

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Adding Slat Wood Style

Contrary to popular belief, this look is not just for modern homes. The slats of wood can be stained, painted, or even left untreated, making them suitable for just about any style of home. This interior design style can be easily added by creating a slat accent wall. Don’t just think walls, incorporating furniture that has a slatted wood look to it is another way to bring the look into your home. This slatted-style console from West Elm is versatile and timeless. Because of how thin each piece is, slatted wood is perfect for adding to smaller areas like a kitchen island. Don’t be afraid to get creative, switching it up with vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines within the same design can make a space pop even more. Mansa, also known as This Is Simplicite, created a beautiful slat wall for her library and music room makeover.

Photo from West Elm
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Influencer Feature

Mansa, also known as This is Simplicite, created a beautiful slat wall in her music room. She used our Woodgrain profile No. 254 which can be found at your local Home Depot! ❠Check out her blog post to get a step by step tutorial on how Mansa completed her stunning slat wall.

Photo from ThisisSimplicite

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