2022 Interior Design – What Is Out?

Just like in fashion, interior design trends come and go with time. If you’re considering selling your house, making sure to stay on trend is extra important. Out with the old, in with the new; we’re here to tell you what’s going out and what is replacing outdated trends.

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The muted gray interior design trend came onto the scene in part because it’s an easy style to incorporate into just about any home. Almost too easy. Gray tones quickly saturated the interior design world, but with people spending more time in their homes, bold colors have been on the rise. People are stepping a little out of their comfort zone and opting to switch things up by painting their trim black instead of the traditional white. Black trim is the perfect way to add depth into your home without overdoing it. It’s important to keep balance in mind when jumping in on this trend. Read all about this new trend here.

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Minimalistic style became popular along with the rise of Scandinavian interior design. There was even a documentary surrounding the idea of living a minimalistic life, pushing this design trend to become even more popular as it has been seen as a lifestyle choice. While we see the appeal of Minimalism, a new trend is becoming more popular: maximalism. This new trend is all about creating a story with the perfect combination of color, print, and eclectic decorations. Learn more about Maximalism on our blog!

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Modern Farmhouse

The Modern Farmhouse interior design style became oh so popular because of, you guessed it, Chip and Johanna Gaines. With Modern Farmhouse came shiplap, which has also taken the backseat. While Modern Farmhouse is fun and can be beautifully done, it feels very out of place in more urban settings. The alternative to farmhouse style and horizonal lines of shiplap is Japandi and slat walls. We give you the 411 on Japandi here and even have a step-by-step guide on how to DIY a slat wall.

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The industrial look is becoming less popular along with the typical exposed brick and concrete walls. Since everyone is spending more time in their homes, people are leaning towards warmer design choices like natural woods, soft textures, and organic shapes. The perfect example of this is the Moroccan interior design style, which takes inspiration from the desert. This interior design style can be considered elegant, exotic, luxurious, and dramatic all at once. You can learn more about Moroccan interior design on our blog!

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Nautical Décor

We saw a significant decline in Nautical décor, which spiked in popularity in 2017. This interior design style can quickly become too kitschy, and most people don’t want to feel like they’re taking a never-ending cruise. Instead, people are opting to add more subtle coastal elements without making their home feel like it belongs in a beach town. Try bringing life into your home with plants that have a tropical look and feel to them like this Majesty Palm.

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