Black Interior Trim

Contrast is one of many fundamental elements when it comes to interior design. Contrast adds visual interest makes a space more dynamic and adds depth. If you don’t know what contrast is, it’s when there are at least two opposing characteristics that are placed together. This can be done a in a lot of different ways, using color, shape, size, texture, and finish, just to name a few. Today we’re going to talk color, specifically black.

Black is a classic color that never seems to go out of style, and we hope it stays that way. As we see trends like Moody GothicArt Deco, and Japandi bringing darker colors to the forefront, we can’t help but think is there a way to incorporate these darker colors besides through furniture and décor? An unexpected way to incorporate the color black is with black moulding and trim. Adding black trim to white or off-white walls will instantly give any space a clean and crisp feel, while adding instant contrast. If you’re going for an even more unique style you could paint the trim a more matte flat black, but keep in mind it will be difficult to clean.

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A more subtle way of incorporating black moulding to your space is to paint the door jamb and casing around your interior doors black but leave the rest of your moulding white. For those of you who aren’t quite ready to paint all of your moulding black but looking to add depth and contrast, this is a great compromise. We recommend painting your doors black as well to really make your doors/moulding pop.

BROKEN SYMMETRY: Athena Calderone x Beni Rugs
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Black trim is the perfect way to add black into your home without overdoing it. It’s important to keep balance in mind when jumping in on a trend. The use of too much black can make a space feel weighed down, the color should be used as an accent color. The use of black trim will keep things light and airy in an interior space while being a bit unpredictable. Black trim will work to frame a room, making it look sharper.

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If you are uncertain about incorporating black trim into your home, start small. Start with painting the trim around the windows in your bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen. You can slowly expand the look by painting ceiling beams. Remember that a little goes a long way when it comes to adding black into your space.

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