The Design Inspiration Behind Le Petit Marché

On a typical weekend, securing a table at Le Petit Marché is no easy feat. Nestled in the historic Atlanta neighborhood of Kirkwood, the eatery’s cozy, yet eclectic, ambience is a reflection of its founder—Marchet Sparks.

Q&A with Moulding Customers

How do I read the measurements assigned to moulding?When you’re shopping for moulding, it helps to understand the measurements. The width specifies how wide, or tall, the outward facing profile is. The thickness, or depth, is how far the moulding protrudes from the wall. The length specifies the vertical or horizontal distance the moulding will

Moulding Installation Guide

What tools do I need to install moulding? Miter Box, Miter Saw or Compound Miter Saw Finishing Nails, Nail Set, and a Hammer or Brad Nailer Tape Measure Framing Square Protractor Pen and Paper Utility Knife Wood Glue or Filler Ladder Safety Glasses Level Clamps How much moulding do I need?To determine the amount of