Newstalgia: THE Trend of 2022

There’s a new trend that’s said to be monumental in 2022: Newstalgia. This interior design trend is all about refreshing retro décor with modern accents and new technologies! Think of furniture or décor that gives you a feeling of nostalgia, and freshen it up with modern day tech.

Newstalgia coined its name from Seattle DJ Sean De Tore, when he referred to fashion and music. He said it was something new that harks back to something old, which can also apply to interior design. If you’re interested in learning how to implement this new style but don’t know where to begin, here’s our take!

Revive Your Retro Pieces

Don’t throw out those old appliances you’ve been holding onto because it’s time to bring out your retro statement pieces. If you don’t have any retro items to use, you can purchase look-a-like styles like a mini Frigidaire fridge or even a white Hallman oven for your space. The Big Chill created a Retro collection that combines a vintage feel with modern-day technologies, a recurring theme to Newstalgia. The vibrant multicolored appliance reminds us of the timeless American model of the 1950s. Taking us back to our grandparents’ and parents’ kitchens, bringing us a sense of nostalgia.

Add a Touch of Modern

For this interior style to not feel like you took a time machine back to your grandma’s/parents’ house, the addition of modern-day décor is a necessity. Velvet chairs, black moulding, or creating a gallery wall of vintage art using modern frames are ways to add touches of modern décor. Another popular modern-day trend that has taken off is green in the kitchen. Incorporating green marble countertops, green cabinets, and green appliances in your kitchen is making a splash in the interior design world.

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Photo from Reveal Mag

Incorporate Sentimental Items

The secret to successfully accomplishing this style is revitalizing old shapes and silhouettes with new color hues, textiles, and finishes. So, pull out your grandmother’s retro glassware and pair it with modern décor, paint or refinish that hand-me down armoire, or even reupholster the cushions on your great uncle’s Cesca Chairs with a more modern fabric. By pairing current trends with antiques, what’s outdated can be brought back to life and new once more.

Photo from Elsie Larson

Latest & Greatest Tech

Continuing the movement of pairing old with the new, incorporating the latest and greatest tech in your décor will develop the design so it feels more modern and reminiscent. Modern-day tech such as light fixtures paired with smart devices, Bluetooth record players and retro radio players, and retro designed appliances. The notion is to take you back to a time that provides the sense of happiness and nostalgia with the luxuries of modern-day tech.

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