Grandmillennial Style: What It Is and How to Achieve It

What is a grandmillennial?

As described by writer Emma Bazilian, who invented the term, grandmillennials range in age from mid-20s to late-30s and “have an affinity for design trends considered by mainstream culture to be ‘stuffy’ or ‘outdated’—Laura Ashley prints, ruffles, embroidered linens.” 

So is it just about using outdated and old furniture?

Not quite! Sometimes referred to as “granny-chic,” grandmillennial style combines traditional, homey pieces with modern elements. Unlike sleek modern or industrial interiors, grandmillennial style embraces typically outdated decor, such as floral-patterned curtains and china plates and prints. However, the key is styling the decor together so that the room looks fresh and hip, rather than old and stuffy. Using traditional, outdated furniture may seem like a complete contradiction to a “fresh and hip” look, but with the right combinations, you can breathe new life into the old styles you love.

Here are 5 tips to achieve grandmillennial style in your home.

Use floral wallpaper and prints.

While floral patterns are typically associated with a grandmother’s stuffy living room, floral wallpaper and prints are making a comeback! When combined with light and bright furniture, floral wallpaper adds a charming and feminine touch.

This grandmillennial-style room was designed by @marieflaniganinteriors, and the floral wallpaper is by @gracestudio.

Opt for patterned upholstery.

Ornate patterns are homey, yet bold, and are perfect for living room couches and chairs.
For a bright and modern grandmillennial look, choose colorful and vibrant pieces. Try to stay away from murky colors, such as browns and dark greens, unless they are balanced by a light and fresh pattern.

Photo Source: Annie Schlechter

Declutter your space.

Nothing is more off putting than walking into a home and feeling cramped by the amount of furniture in the room. When you combine that with typically outdated furniture and lots of floral patterns, it’s even worse. Be strategic with the amount of furniture pieces you select for your grandmillennial-style room, and keep your space tidy. This will prevent your room from feeling stuffy and cramped.

Photo Source: Modsy

Keep it fresh (literally).

Decorate your room with cut flowers to give your room an instant refresh. It’s best to use live plants, but if that is not possible, choose high-quality artificial flowers and dust them often.

Sprinkle in some modern elements and hardware.

A touch of gold goes a long way. Add gold-colored door handles, hinges, frames and light fixtures for a modern grandmillennial look. If gold is not for you, experiment with bronze and black instead.

What do you think of grandmillennial style? Is this a style you’d like to incorporate into your home?

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