Grandmillennial Style: A Modern Take

You’ve heard of Grandmillenial, the interior design trend that took off in 2021. Well we’re here to teach you about a new twist on this interior design style: Modern Grandmillenial. This style has an appreciation for the past, while also utilizing more modern décor.

Photo from The Style Bungalow

First, let’s do a quick recap on what Grandmillenial is. Also known as “granny chic,” Grandmillenial was started by people in their mid 20s to late 30s. This style is a fresh take on their grandparents’ more traditional homes, incorporating old-fashioned colors and textures along with vintage décor. Staple décor pieces include pleated lampshades, botanical prints, classic floral wallpaper, and vintage furniture finds. You can read our blog about Grandmillenial here. Now we can get into how to put a more modern twist on Grandmillenial.

Black Metal Accents & Modern Light Fixtures

Grandmillenial is known for embellishments. Switch things up with more modern elements like black metal accents. Adding black door handles, hinges, and frames with sleek clean lines will instantly give a more modern feel to any space. Thinking of buying a chandelier? Opt for a more modern light fixture like this Vertigo Pendant by Petite Friture, which comes in several different colors.

Photo from Simig Lighting

Abstract Wall Art

Add in some abstract wall art to a space instead of what you might find in a typical Grandmillenial style home. This creates juxtaposition between modern and old. Grandmillenial is known for its use of old world art with intricate gold frames. By utilizing more modern pieces it brings a Grandmillenial space into the 21st century without taking away from the signature “granny chic” style.

Photo from Charish

Monochromatic & Neutral Colors

Grandmillenial is all about patterns; patterns, patterns, and more patterns. But if you want to do a more modern take on things, be sure to keep the color scheme neutral or monochromatic. Doing this will give the space a more clean, sophisticated look and feel. By taking a couple of elements of Grandmillenial style without completely committing to the look, you can create a more modern vision of this oh so popular design.

Photo from A Glass of Bovino

Minimalism & Sleek Lines

Modern Grandmillenial emphasizes on a more minimalist approach with sleek lines, which is quite the opposite of Grandmillenial. Instead of overpowering of floral/chintz/botanical prints, European furniture detail, and use of multiple colors, Modern Grandmillenial takes a more subtle route in utilizing the staple décor influences of this style. Instead of intricate pictures frames, furniture, and mirrors, go for simple designs and sleek lines. Think less is more when a modern approach is taken.

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