Dutch Doors for Your Home

Perfect for farmhouses and cottages, Dutch doors have an inviting and rustic charm.

A Dutch door, also known as a stable door or half door, is a door that is split in the middle horizontally, allowing the top half to open while the bottom half remains closed.

Dutch doors were initially invented in the 17th century to keep pests and other animals out of farmhouses while still allowing fresh air into the home. They also increased the amount of natural light coming in, prevented children from wandering outside and allowed homeowners to accept deliveries without needing to fully open the door to strangers.

Today, Dutch doors still accomplish these same needs, but they can be installed as interior doors as well. A charming entrance for a playroom or laundry room, Dutch doors bring uniqueness to any part of the home.

Benefits of Woodgrain Dutch Doors

Woodgrain Doors offers a large selection of Dutch door styles that are designed and manufactured to be cut in half. Here are just a few of the benefits of choosing a Woodgrain Dutch door for your home.

They’re customizable to fit the look and feel of your home.
Customize everything, including the design, wood species, height, thickness and width of your Dutch door.

They’re sustainably made.
The wood used by Woodgrain comes from sustainable sources and managed forests. Over 99% of the wood fiber processed by Woodgrain is used in some form.

They’re durable for decades.
Our high-quality doors are made to last for decades and will look beautiful in your home for years to come.
Here is one of our beautiful Dutch doors installed in blogger Stacy Risenmay’s home:

To learn how she stained her Woodgrain Dutch door, check out her blog post here!

Check out our Woodgrain Dutch Doors sell sheet for our top picks for Dutch door modifications, sizes we offer and benefits of Woodgrain Dutch doors.

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