Benefits of a Wood Door

Woodgrain Doors new, traditional French glass door


Wood doors just look and feel better. Nothing (not even the best imitation) compares to the quality of a solid wood door constructed with true stile and rail features. For starters, wood doors are considerably heavier. When you open a hollow core, or even solid core door, you can definitely feel the difference in weight and hear the difference when closing the door. Additionally, wood doors come in a variety of species and are generally easy to finish, making them more customizable to complement the style of your space.

Woodgrain Doors Knotty Alder planked panel door and sidelight with wide reed glass


Wood doors continue to maintain their beauty over time because they are extremely sturdy, withstanding years of heavy use. Unlike faux wood options, solid wood doors hold up much better over time and are tested constantly with everyday activities. They are long-term investments that make a statement for everyone that sees and uses them.

Energy efficiency

Wood doors provide much more insulation, which will keep rooms cool or hot as needed, especially when the door is framed and hung well. Another energy-efficient tip: Keep doors to rooms rarely used closed so that the air circulates more around high-traffic areas.

Sound resistance

Wood doors cut down substantially on traveling sound. If you have noisy kids or teenagers who love to blast music, interior wood doors are definitely the way to go. Outside of single-family home settings, wood doors can provide a sense of privacy for residents in apartments, college dorms and senior living facilities.

Fire retardant

Woodgrain offers 20, 60 and 90 minute fire rated options to match your interior door package while providing consistency throughout your home. Fire doors are often required by code to be used in between the house and garage in residential applications and entry doors for multi-family projects.
Interested in exploring solid wood door options for your home? Woodgrain Doors has a variety of styles to choose from. Browse our photo gallery to see more or look to our Pinterest board for additional inspiration.