What Is Out?

Getting ready to plan home renovation projects? When it comes to the resale of your home, it’s important to make sure you stay on-trend. We’re here to tell you which interior design trends you will start to see go away in 2021.


Shiplap became popular due to the modern farmhouse design trend. People are growing tired of this overdone trend and it’s on the way out this year. While shiplap walls are beautiful, they feel very out of place in apartments and suburban homes. As an alternative, try panel moulding instead.

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Dark Colors

Although darker colors in your home add some drama they make a space less functional. With more people working from home than ever before, rooms need to be multi-purpose. Having dark colors throughout the home makes it feel cold and less inviting. Unless you want to invest in expert lighting, light or bold colors are the way to go. Consider installing a colored accent wall to make a space pop.

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Unsustainable Furniture

Fast furniture, like fast fashion, is on its way out. The idea of furniture that won’t last for years to come is unappealing as people spend more time in their homes. Buying better quality pieces for your home is more than just wanting something that will last. We are creating more memories surrounding the home and developing more of a connection to items in our rooms. Having trouble finding quality furniture? Visit your local thrift store for some unique vintage finds.

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White On White Interiors

The long popular white-on-white trend is on its way out. The minimalistic look people have been embracing for the past several years is now being replaced by bold colors and patterns. There are so many ways you can bring some color into the mix without having to spend a fortune. Adding peel and stick wallpaper to a room, replacing your pillows, or buying a new rug can be easily incorporated into a space.

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