Tiny Homes

Not everyone dreams of living in an apartment or your typical suburban home. Tiny homes offer a unique, simplistic way of living that people have been drawn to, especially in recent years. Many seek to downsize, declutter, and even live off-grid when they opt for the tiny home lifestyle. As it turns out, big things can come in small packages. Read more to learn how to make a tiny house into a tiny home.

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Less Is More

The right space requires the right floor plan. Even if you already have your tiny house, look over the floor plan. This might feel unnecessary at first, but seeing things from a different perspective might give you ideas on how you might be able to arrange furniture to open up the space. Have a friend help! Having second eyes on your floor plans can help you see more of what’s possible.

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Creative Storage Solutions

Living in a tiny home will require some creative thinking, especially when it comes to storage and how to best utilize square footage. Make the most of a small space with dual purpose rooms. Work from home? Buy a smaller desk with vertical shelving. This takes up significantly less square footage, while also offering storage needed so that you can keep your room free of clutter. With the right styling, shelving can actually fit seamlessly in your home, adding to the overall aesthetic.

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Light Interiors

It’s no secret that tiny homes are…tiny. So how does one make the space feel bigger? Incorporating lighter colors into the interior of any space, tiny homes included, is the easiest way to make it feel larger. If you don’t want standard white walls, consider adding shiplap to your tiny home. Not only does this make the space seem bigger, but it also adds visual interest without being overpowering. Learn how to create your own shiplap accent wall here.

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