Safety Above All

Safety Above All

Safety is a top priority at Woodgrain. We value our biggest asset – our employees. The manufacturing industry can be dangerous, so we go above and beyond taking precautions that protect our staff. Safety stands before anything else we do; it’s so important that our company motto is SAFETY ABOVE ALL.

Safety is engrained in everything that is done at Woodgrain. Throughout all divisions of Woodgrain, time is dedicated to celebrate our safety efforts. Safety week is a company wide effort to reiterate the importance of keeping Woodgrain employee safe and celebrating the victories of continuing safety.

Woodgrain Safety News

Windsor Windows received the Presidents Safety Award for 2020. This award is presented annually to the division within Woodgrain with the best safety record for the year.

Within the Distribution division the Phoenix distribution center has gone 3331 days (over 9 years) without an accident. This is the longest amount of time a distribution center has gone without an accident.

Woodgrain as a whole is extremely proud to have our all-time best RIR (Recordable Injury Rate) for 2020.

Woodgrain 10 Commandments of Safety

  • Safety is everyone’s responsibility. You will achieve the level of safety excellence that you demonstrate you want. Safety must be round the clock, every day of every year, 24/7/365. Safety for yourself, your coworkers, and all others is your responsibility. You should talk to an individual if you witness an unsafe act. If the behavior continues, elevate up to someone in authority.
  • Everyone needs to comply with Safety Policies and Procedures. This includes PPE, LOTO, machine guarding, etc. There is Zero Tolerance for failing to comply with LOTO, seat belt, machine guarding, violence in the workplace policies.
  • Be professional and respectful when communicating about safety. Listen with an open mind and accept criticism knowing that your coworkers respect you and care enough about your health and safety to tell you when you are doing something unsafe. Offer criticism in a respectful manner – talk to your coworkers as you would like to be talked to.
  • Respect machinery. If you put something in a machine’s way, it will crush it, pinch it, or cut it. Make sure all guards are in place. LOTO before placing any of your body in harm’s way. Operate equipment only if you are qualified. Tell your supervisor if you have never done the job.
  • Ask questions. If you are uncertain ask, don’t guess or assume. If you are asked a question, make certain the person who asked understands the answer, don’t assume they do.
  • Practice good housekeeping. A clean work place is a safe workplace. Don’t allow clutter and mess to affect your or your co-worker’s ability to work safely.
  • Use proper body mechanics. Use care and caution when lifting, bending, or reaching. Most muscle and spine injuries are from over straining. Get help lifting heavy or awkward loads.
  • Wear appropriate and sensible clothes. Choose footwear that is sturdy and suited to the type of work. Avoid loose clothing or jewelry that could be caught in the machinery. Keep long hair tied back.
  • Be prepared for an emergency. Know what to do in case of an incident that requires evacuation or EMT services.
  • Report near hits. The best way to avoid pain, suffering and expense due to injury is to prevent the incident from happening. Reporting near hits and hazards enables us to correct or prevent the hazard and stop future incidents which could cause more serious injuries.

Steps Woodgrain Takes Towards Safety

  • The final 15 minutes of every shift is set aside for clean up
  • Equipment is cleaned during each shift change
  • Regular safety meetings provide training
  • First aid kits are clearly marked at each operating station
  • Clearly marked yellow lines and footprints give pedestrians a forklift-free place to walk both around the site and within buildings
  • Forklifts have blue lights to increase visibility and honk when coming to each intersection
  • Forklift drivers and pedestrians are taught that the other has the right-of-way
  • Safety glasses are required at all of our factories or mill locations
  • Ear protection is required near any of our heavy equipment
  • Lockout, tag out – (LOTO) or lock and tag is a safety procedure to ensure that dangerous machines are properly shut off and not able to be started up again prior to the completion of maintenance or repair work.

Statement From Our Woodgrain CEO

Safety above quality… above productivity… and above everything. We know we have room to grow in this area, and we are looking forward to making safety our highest priority in the coming year. Please join me in helping us put safety above all.
-Kelly Dame, CEO, Safety Above All

Check out our YouTube Channel to see our Safety Above All video series.