Commodity Primed. Redefined.

Satin Coat® by Woodgrain is a superior moulding solution that is primed on all four sides, resulting in an easier finishing process and more polished appearance. Satin Coat’s unique manufacturing process allows for a consistent, seamless product that is ready to be painted.

Meticulous Manufacturing. Seamless Finish.

Satin Coat® by Woodgrain is a superior primed product that is manufactured using a three pass primed and sanded process. During manufacturing, the Fingerjoint Prime substrate receives two coats of gesso primer and a liquid vacuum seal to create a seamless finish. The final product has a smooth surface that is ready to be painted, saving you prep time and money.

Meticulous Manufacturing Process

• Three pass primed and sanded
• Vacuum primed process
• Primed on all four sides
• Fingerjoint Pine substrate

Benefits Compared to Traditional Primed Moulding

• Consistent and seamless finish
• Smoother surface
• No added cost
• Ready to be painted