If you have noticed the increase in pearl décor and home accessories lately, there’s a reason for it. This feminine element has made quite the splash in the interior design world, Pinterest recently naming Pearlcore as a hot trend for 2022. Pearl-related searches have gone up significantly this year, but how do you make this trend come to life? Pearlcore is the trend of having pearl or iridescent accents in your home. Keep reading to learn the best ways of incorporating Pearlcore into your home.

Photo from Tile Club

Keep It Simple

For those of you who are hesitant to tile your entire bathroom in pearl tile, there are ways to gradually incorporate the hidden treasure of the sea. Start by introducing Pearlcore into your home with accessories. Adding smaller touches like pearl knobs, mirrors, picture frames, glasses, and treys are easy ways to incorporate the trend into your décor. Try switching out some of the knobs on your furniture with these from Anthropology. It takes hardly any time at all and will elevate furniture you already own.

Take a Leap

If you want to take things to the next level, pearl like tiles are super popular for kitchens and baths right now. Look for tiles with hints of pearl in them or have a slight iridescent sheen to them. This can be in the form of backsplash, flooring, or shower tile, and will add a little glamor into any space. Need we say more?


Pearlcore is about bring translucent, shiny pearl like materials into your décor. If a picture frame is too minimal but changing out the tile is too extreme, try adding large pieces of furniture with pearl like accents into your space. Filling your home with these decorative pieces adds texture and interest.

Photo from West Elm

Consider Color

Don’t think that Pearlcore must be taken literally. Think about the different colors that pearls can be, some are even multi-colored. Pearl hues can be pastel pinks, greens, blues, and creams. You can bring those colors into your home by re-painting walls or switching out furniture and accessories. The below accent wall is a perfect example of an accent wall with a Pearlcore wall color. Learn how to DIY a similar accent wall here.

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