Happy Women In Construction Week!

The people responsible for planning and building a variety of projects that are essential to our daily lives. Construction and engineering include a wide array of roles from a Construction Manager to an Engineering Analyst. In this industry about 86% are male, leaving 14% of the other portion female. Over the past few years, more and more women are joining the field of construction. In the last decade alone, there has been a 53% increase in women working in the construction industry.

March is Women’s History Month and home to Women in Construction Week! NAWIC or WIC is short for The National Association of Women in Construction. NAWIC was founded in 1953 in Fort Worth, Texas by 16 women to create a support network for women working in the field of construction. The first annual Women In Construction Week started in the year of 1998. This year is the 25th annual celebration. Fast forward to today, there are over 115 chapters throughout the United States of America.

“WIC Week gives chapters nationwide the opportunity to shine a bright light on the construction industry and women’s very important place in it,” said Executive Director Crissy Ingram. “There has long been a culture of construction being only for men.  If we can get the women who have worked past that barrier out of the shadows and into the spotlight, they can show other women – no matter the age or background – that there are countless opportunities for them in the industry.”

During this week, women get to hear other women in the industry speak about hot topics, how to establish balance, avoid burnout, and more! WIC not only gives women support but also provides the opportunity to receive aid in areas like professional development, education, networking, and leadership training.

We want to highlight some of Woodgrain’s incredible women associates who service our customers and the industry during Women in Construction Week!

What her coworkers say about her: Among the many positive traits she has, her attitude exudes her contentment in her position and how much she loves working for Woodgrain. She is not only a great leader when it comes to training folks but also a great follower as well when it comes to directions from her supervisor. She embodies the Woodgrain Values, has integrity, is safe, and is dedicated to safety as she has volunteered her time to our Central Safety Committee, has a servant attitude, and most importantly respect for whomever she encounters.

Thanks, April, for your great leadership!

What her coworkers say about her: Brenda Henry was nominated because of her dedication. Brenda performs many key functions for her branch as an Assistant Administrator. She regularly takes on tasks that others cannot, or do not want to do.

Thank you, Brenda, for your efforts in ensuring our success!

What her coworkers say about her: Dawn has impeccable follow through whenever situations arise; you can count on Dawn! She is great with customers and dedicated as an employee.

Thanks, Dawn, for your strong work ethic!

What her coworkers say about her: Laura is very dependable and honest. She continues to always be a great example to our team and such an asset to the company and her coworkers..

Thank you, Laura, for your ability to make a positive impact!

Thank you April, Brenda, Dawn, Laura, and the many more women that continue to make waves in the construction industry!