Getting Your Windows Hurricane Ready

Due to the projected severity of this hurricane season, now is the time to protect your property from potentially high winds and flying debris.

Windsor Windows’ Pinnacle Clad Casements and Direct Set

Protect Your Windows

One of the most important aspects of getting your home hurricane-ready is making sure it is equipped with storm-resistant window coverings. While plywood is an emergency measure, there are permanent products that can withstand strong weather conditions to better protect your home.

Windsor Windows’ Pinnacle Casement and Direct Set

Types of Storm Resistant Windows

Windsor Windows offers the following impact-certified products for your home:

  • Pinnacle Clad Casement
  • Pinnacle Clad Casement Picture
  • Pinnacle Clad Awning
  • Pinnacle Clad Concealed DH
  • Pinnacle Clad Concealed DH Picture
  • Pinnacle Clad Outswing PD
  • Pinnacle Clad French Slider
  • Pinnacle Clad Direct Set
  • Pinnacle Clad Radius
  • Legend HBR Casement
  • Legend HBR Casement Picture
  • Legend HBR Awning
  • Legend HBR Double-Hung
  • Legend HBR Double-Hung Picture
  • Legend Direct Set/Radius
Windsor Windows’ Pinnacle Clad Casement

Windows That Can Take a Beating

Windsor’s Pinnacle Clad windows use only heavy-duty .050 extruded aluminum cladding rather than thin roll form aluminum. These products are more durable and resistant to exterior damage, including dents and chips that can occur during a hurricane.

Windsor Windows’ Legend HBR

Protective Windows with Style

Legend HBR is another great option for storm protection. These windows are a unique hybrid that combine the strength and durability of the Legend frame with an aluminum-clad wood sash. Legend HBR windows offer a low maintenance exterior with a beautiful wooden interior, which offer both protection from the elements and style.

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