Distribution Wins President’s Safety Award

Safety First

Woodgrain President & CEO Kelly Dame recently came to Lawrenceville, GA to present the Distribution division with Woodgrain’s 2022 President’s Safety Award, which is given to one of six divisions within Woodgrain with the best safety record over the course of the year.

“We are the safest that we’ve been as a corporation, ever!

-Kelly Dame, CEO

The President’s Safety Award was created to reward the best safety performance over each calendar year. The detailed metrics used by the company evaluates the effectiveness of Woodgrain’s safety efforts for its employees — like injuries on the job or illnesses.

From left, Todd Dame (Distribution President), Kelly Dame (CEO), Chad Smith (VP of Human Resources), and Marshall Hawkes (VP of Operations)

Community Matters

As a community, we lead best by understanding and serving others. The way we treat our employees instills pride in themselves, their company, and ultimately, the customers they serve. We choose to place safety and keep each other safe above all else.

Woodgrain values people, first and foremost. With more than 65 years of excellence in the millwork and home-building industry, we are dedicated to delivering “best in class” service. Not only are we rooted in excellence and committed to our customers, but we are also just as invested in our own community.

The Distribution division is deeply honored to receive this award!

Woodgrain’s 10 Commandments of Safety

1. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. You will achieve the level of safety excellence that you demonstrate you want. Safety must be round the clock, every day of every year, 24/7/365. Safety for yourself, your coworkers, and all others is your responsibility. You should talk to an individual if you witness an unsafe act. If the behavior continues, elevate up to someone in authority.

2. Everyone needs to comply with Safety Policies and Procedures. This includes PPE, LOTO, machine guarding, etc. There is Zero Tolerance for failing to comply with LOTO, seat belts, machine guarding, and violence in the workplace policies.

3. Be professional and respectful when communicating about safety. Listen with an open mind and accept criticism knowing that your coworkers respect you and care enough about your health and safety to tell you when you are doing something unsafe. Offer criticism in a respectful manner – talk to your coworkers as you would like to be talked to.

4. Respect machinery. If you put something in a machine’s way, it will crush it, pinch it, or cut it. Make sure all guards are in place. LOTO before placing any of your body in harm’s way. Operate equipment only if you are qualified. Tell your supervisor if you have never done the job.

5. Ask questions. If you are uncertain ask, don’t guess or assume. If you are asked a question, make certain the person who asked understands the answer, don’t assume they do.

6. Practice good housekeeping. A clean workplace is a safe workplace. Don’t allow clutter and mess to affect your or your co-worker’s ability to work safely.

7. Use proper body mechanics. Use care and caution when lifting, bending, or reaching. Most muscle and spine injuries are from over straining. Get help lifting heavy or awkward loads.

8. Wear appropriate and sensible clothes. Choose footwear that is sturdy and suited to the type of work. Avoid loose clothing or jewelry that could be caught in the machinery. Keep long hair tied back.

9. Be prepared for an emergency. Know what to do in case of an incident that requires evacuation or EMT services.

10. Report near hits. The best way to avoid pain, suffering, and expense due to injury is to prevent the incident from happening. Reporting near hits and hazards enables us to correct or prevent the hazard and stop future incidents which could cause more serious injuries.

Thank you to all Distribution employees for doing your job safely and efficiently!