Art Deco Interior Design

Art Deco is a captivating interior design concept that was popular in the 1920s and 30s. Art Deco first appeared in France just before World War 1. This style is well known for its geometric shapes, and loud, vibrant colors. Today, the Art Deco interior design revival has a modern twist to it. Some key elements to achieve this style is bold geometric wallpaper, rounded furniture, antique gold mirrors, contrasting colors, and whimsical décor. The Art Deco interior design concept was all about making a big statement so when choosing to recreate this style don’t be afraid to go BOLD.

Bold Geometric Wallpaper

Geometric shapes is the key to executing this interior design concept; Art Deco. One way to incorporate these geometric shapes is within wallpaper. Wallpaper has made a comeback so integrating the two together fashions a quick and affordable option to create an art deco aesthetic.

Rounded Furniture

Rounded furniture such as sofas, chairs, and coffee tables has also made a comeback in the recent years. The sweeping curve of rounded furniture is exceptionally striking and adds a geometric feature to accomplish an Art Deco concept. Upholstered velvet furniture with gold or silver legs or metallic accents is another way to add a touch of Art Deco design.

These stunning chairs are from JOYBIRD. Photo from Architectural Digest.

Antique Gold Mirrors

There is substantial amount of gold and steel used when creating an Art Deco design. These materials can be used in furnishings and accessories such as mirrors; reflective surfaces and the use of mirrors is also an Art Deco staple. Mirrors give the opportunity to incorporate geometric shapes while also glamming up the space with gold accents. Art Deco epitomized glamour, opulence, and extravagance; what better way to emanate that with an antique gold mirror.

The Gleaming Primrose Mirror by Anthropology is a stunning, vintage-inspired mirror.

Contrast Colors

Saturating your space with contrasting colors is a form of Art Deco design. Contrasting bold colors is a vital characteristic when perfecting this style. If your style is more monochromatic this may be the wrong style for you. Everything in this era was about being over the top and creating a space that felt alive with color.

Check out this blog post by Canva to see contrasting colors.

Photo from

Whimsical Décor

“According to Interior Design Pro, ‘Whimsical … “spontaneous, unpredictable, fanciful, unusual or quaint” … that’s the definition you’ll find in a dictionary, but with a Whimsical Interior Design you’ll find a style that is full of the unexpected – clever and creative ideas that jar the imagination while adding design and function to any room in your home.’” Whimsical décor is encompassed in Art Deco design. Art Deco furnishings and accessories give a spirited and exploratory perspective on interior decorating.

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