80s Retro Furniture

What do you think of when you think of the 1980s; bold colors in fashion and home décor, the pop culture (music, movies, TV shows), and the BIG hair may come top of mind. The 80s may seem like a thing of the past but it appears the 80s are back in style. This may come as a surprise but 80s interior design décor has made a comeback to the 2020s.

The 1980s influenced the use of shapes in furniture and bold colors in décor. Pops of bold colors, natural elements, and geometric shapes are a breath of fresh air since colorless spaces and minimalistic trends have been embraced the past decade. Known as 80s retro, these are the ways you can execute a sophisticated 80s style without feeling like you took a time machine back to your grandmother’s living room.

Rounded dining chairs

Clean lines and sharp angles have been popular in the past decade but moving into the 2020s rounded furniture like chairs, tables, and sofas have recently made a comeback.  Incorporate these items in your dinning or living room.

These beautiful dining chairs are designed by @nuevo. Photo by @Modsy.

Art Deco inspired bedframe

In the 80s, interior design décor was heavily influenced by Art Deco design elements. This included geometric shapes and patterns. Elegant and eye-catching, this bedframe screams 80s art deco.

This stunning pink velvet Cleo Queen Bed from Meridian Furniture is the perfect addition to any space.


A mirrored wall was popular in the 1980s but could be considered outdated in this decade. Instead try an antiqued mirror style to give a more sophisticated and glamorous look.

Lacquered furniture

A lacquered coffee table is a great way to add that 80s retro style without bringing too much of the past to your space. Lacquered furniture is also known for its durability.

Natural Elements

Natural materials like cane and rattan were widely used in the 80s. Check out our rattan furniture blog post to see how to incorporate rattan furniture into your home.

The beautiful rattan coffee table is by @rattanrevival. Photo by @tailadanae.

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