2019 Color Trends

The Color of the Year for 2019 is… (drumroll please)… Living Coral!!!


As described by PANTONE, “Living Coral is a nurturing color that appears in our natural surroundings and at the same time, displays a lively presence within social media.” Due to the nature of this color, it “mesmerizes the eye and mind.”

Living Coral may be the color of the year, but it isn’t the only color in the trends for 2019. There are plenty of other color trends to help beautify your house for 2019. The following are the color trends for 2019, according to Behr.


Monochromatic colors are a great way to attract attention and create focus in any room. Monochromatic colors have been seen in the past as boring and dull. This is not the case for 2019 however. With the right set-up, monochromatic colors can add that final touch to your room that creates unity and harmony.




Dark Navy

Blue Metal

Earth Tones

Earth tone colors are perfect for creating a warm, nature-friendly atmosphere. It is recommended to use earth tones in rooms/areas that are frequented a lot. This helps to make the room inviting and welcoming to those who enter in. Since earth tones are reminiscent of Mother Nature, it will always feel natural and be in style.
Elephant Skin

Mars Red



Pastel colors are usually known as being very calm and soothing. These colors can be the perfect way to help balance out a very bright, loud colors room. They can also be used to help furniture and other decorations stand out more. Due to their calm tones, pastels are also very useful in children’s rooms; creating a safe and comfortable environment.
Cotton Grey

Standing Ovation

Sand Dance

Jewel Tones

Jewel tone colors are all about being very bold colors that immediately grab anybody’s attention. There are two effective ways to help you use jewel tones properly. The first is to pair them with other bold colors. This helps to create a strong sense of contrast. The second way is to use neutrals to soften the colors and make it less overwhelming to the eye.

Amber Autumn

Raisin In The Sun

Vine Leaf


Photo: Behr

Gray tone colors have been popular in the past and even though they are currently trending down, they are still popular. What keeps it so popular is how great it is as a neutral color. It can mix and match with a variety of colors and styles. While it may not be as popular as Living Coral or 2019’s other popular colors, it still holds value and popularity for 2019. 

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