2018 Door Trends

Barn Doors

If you have an open floor plan or wide openings between spaces, then barn doors are a fantastic option for you. These unique sliding doors give you the flexibility to divide a large space while still giving you the option of a wide open feel. Barn doors provide a combination of beauty, strength and durability. Plus, they double as an accent piece.

Woodgrain Barn Door in KAL 181 PLK

Barn doors are great for upgrading your master bedroom, master bath, pantry or kitchen. Woodgrain Doors’ barn door collection offers several different models—including doors with glass inserts—to fit modern, contemporary or rustic applications.

Woodgrain Barn Doors in KAL 180 (left) and MDF 184 (right)

Primed Doors

Primed doors are a great option for your home because they are easy to install, very durable and extremely customizable. Priming the door seals the wood components visible on the top and bottom of the door, along with MDF veneers and panels that ensure a smooth finish and superior paintability. With primed doors, you can easily paint your doors any color you want to liven up your space. Some top color trends of 2018 include shades of purple, black and red. Here at Woodgrain we sell a number of different primed doors, including our Classic Collection, Design Collection and premium router carved MDF doors as well as any wood specie that may be primed. You can find out more about our primed door options here.

Woodgrain Doors Primed Router Carved MDF door in styles 5133 (left) and 5702 (center). Primed 10 lite French door in style 625 is featured far right.

Shaker Doors

If you’re unfamiliar with Shaker doors, they typically consist of a frame with one or multiple flat center panels. You often see Shaker doors as either interior doors or cabinets. The straightforward design of these doors makes them easily adaptable to fit any design aesthetic. You can simply showcase the natural beauty of the wood, add stained finishes or apply paint. Shaker doors continue to be one of our most popular styles at Woodgrain.

Woodgrain Doors’ PRM 2040 (left) and Poplar 4 lite door with white laminate glass (right).

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