2021 Colors of the Year: Ultimate Gray & Illuminating

Pantone has announced its 2021 Colors of the Year: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating! Here are 5 ideas for using this color combination in your home! Opt for yellow and gray printed wallpaper. Printed wallpaper has become extremely popular over the last couple of years as an easy way to update your home. Gray wallpaper with

Home Trends to Leave Behind in 2020

Like all trends, home design trends are ever changing, and what was “in” one year can quickly go out of style the next. The new year is fast-approaching, and it’s time to reassess your home design choices to see what needs to go. Here are the trends you should leave behind in 2020, and stylish

Industrial Interior Design for Beginners

Perfect for homes, studio apartments and office spaces, industrial interior design is one of the most requested design styles of the year. It combines rustic elements with structured pieces, and when done correctly, brings a modern and edgy look to any space. Industrial design is all about incorporating raw, unfinished pieces in a way that