How to Paint a Door

Follow this guide to learn how to paint your door!

New to painting doors, or just need a quick refresher?

Watch our video and follow the step-by-step instructions below!



Step 1: Start by placing your door horizontally on a couple of sawhorses.

This will make it easy to prep, paint and flip your door.

Step 2: Before applying the first coat of finish, thoroughly sand the entire surface of the door with 180-grit sandpaper.

This crucial step helps remove handling marks, fingerprints, fiber pop, natural grain raise, and possible water or liquid marks. It also evenly prepares open wood pores to help produce a more uniform finish.

Step 3: Thoroughly clean the door with a microfiber cloth to remove all of the dust.

We recommend using cloth rather than compressed air to blow dust off the door because moisture or oil in the air may cause spotting. Also, we recommend you avoid using caustic or abrasive cleaners.

Step 4: Cover the paint area with ground cloth or paper. 

Step 5: Evenly paint the door and allow the paint to dry completely before continuing to the next step.

If using a paint sprayer, stay about 3 inches away from the door and constantly move the sprayer so that the paint doesn’t run. 

Step 6: Lightly sand the door with 120-grit sandpaper to fix any imperfections or trouble areas. 

Step 7: Thoroughly clean the door with a microfiber cloth before painting the final coat.

Step 8: Paint the final coat on the door, ensuring that the paint is distributed evenly.

Step 9: Let the paint dry completely before repeating the process for the other side of the door.


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